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This is an astonishing price hike. I frankly am not sure yet what we're going to do. I need to talk with my spouse about it, but I am surely not paying that much for what I'm getting now. Absolutely not. Husband can pay for the difference, or we can go Redbox, or Blockbuster. Netflix isn't the only company on the block.
I despise Facebook. I do not use it, and I do not want to see tighter integration between it and Netflix, nor do I care to think about Facebook adding movie rental information to its database of user profiles. It's none of their business. I wonder exactly how chummy the information exchange will be?
I agree with Rawmeatcritic's comment above. Why does Netflix seem to be going downhill in the last year or so?
I love cheesecake, pumpkin, and chocolate, so these sound like a food dream come true, however, I don't like things that are hyper sweet. Do you think cutting the sugar in the filling by half a cup would cause problems with the bars setting up? Many thanks for posting the recipe!
Toggle Commented Oct 26, 2009 on bar none at running with tweezers