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No one works on just one project, which is why the project kanbans focus on team value over individual value. But, part the variation in team throughput is load on individuals. In addition, surprise projects show up from time-to-time and often against our wills. MIPs is a great way of seeing the actual cognitive load on people - even if their WIP is seemingly under control. I've been working with a team in Germany on building out a networked model of work deployment for the last few months. They are in a vertical where all work can be atomized and reconfigured at will. So the objects of personal, team, and project value are always in flux. The false linearity of the current popular kanban model belies the amount all our work is in flux. Having said that, I would still urge people to ease into visualization by making visualizations as easy to understand and immediately useful as possible. While you and I and Al certainly see that workflow is more complex, teams are in such need of continuous improvement (and in a state of unimprovement) that the linear view still holds great value.
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Brazil, Yes, using story points to foster conversation in a meeting is a great way to use them. They are very successful as a meeting facilitation tool. The problem is that every team I've ever seen, then uses them for real planning purposes.
Thank you Boakye, I very much agree with you - and would even go beyond that. Since I wrote this post, I've come to the conclusion that no social media campaign is complete without including all aspects of the company and, as you say, ensuring that the relationship you are building through the campaign is enduring. Thank you again.
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