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Resident, I was very active with the residents and tried to get involved with as much as possible in an effort to education the population of what city clerk's do. I feel it's somewhat of an "ombudsman" role, or it should be, at least. MaryEllen Kearney was my excellent assistant, which allowed me time to do some of the "extra's". I'm curious as to her views on Measure I are.
Toggle Commented Oct 28, 2009 on H and I Financings at The Burlingame Voice
Thank you, little bird. Even though I no longer live in Burlingame, it's still the town I love and always will. My mother was a long time employee of the Burlingame Recreation Department and I served 12 years at the Burlingame Fire Department (Central County). My roots are in Burlingame. For the record to those who read this blog, nobody contacted me or requested I say or do anything regarding Measure I. I wish I had known about it earlier (thanks Gerald). In reading the Argument for Measure I, I was rather dismayed at some of the comments. I didn't include these in my letter to the editor, but would like to voice them here on this forum. They are much more of a personal nature. The statement that an elected city clerk could be "heavily dependent on support from politicians" baffles me. Dependant upon what? I don't recall a day I relied on a politician. If anything, it was the other way around and I enjoyed helping whoever was on the council. So, any politician reading this.... please enlighten me as to how I relied upon you or any other politician. The statement that this measure will save money for the city... I'm assuming this is in reference to the $32,000 for the election? That equates to $2.20 per day; a small price to pay for the betterment of the citizens and to maintain checks and balances within city government. Regarding finances and how much it would cost to campaign for a city clerk position? A city clerk election is not a city council election, regardless of whether or not its unopposed. Very little funding is needed. This is a non-issue in my book. The statement that hits me in the gut is "to bring the city clerk out from the world of politics and into the world of professionalism".... I take great offense to this statement. It implies that I, as well as other elected city clerks, are/was unprofessional. Was it not professional to take the lead on revamping the city website, compiling a handbook for new residents, serving as public information officer, organzing city events such as the anniversary of 9/11, developing a passport acceptance office, taking the lead on the very successful program of “America Supporting Americans” and adopting a unit from the 101st Airborne Division? How about hand delivering a voter registration form to a resident who was house-bound (on my own time)? The list goes on and on and I honestly do not feel I would have been able to accomplish any of these things had I not been elected. Not only was it "professional", but it was going above and beyond the city clerk duties and doing the job with heart. I know what I did for the city I love, and would do it all again, and then some.
Letter to the Editor (sent to all pertinent newspapers) Dear Editor: As a former, elected city clerk for the City of Burlingame, I am deeply troubled by the effort to recast the position of City Clerk as an appointive position as represented by Measure I now on the ballot in Burlingame. Ironically, the supporters of this effort, the “Protect Burlingame” committee, have failed to file or disclose the legally required financial documents related to their effort with the City Clerk’s Office as required by law. Only recently has one of the required forms been filed in an attempt to retroactively fulfill the legal disclosure requirements of any political action committee. Unfortunately, the filing submitted by the legally designated treasurer for “Protect Burlingame” is filled with contradictions and rife with errors that will surely lead to an investigation and fines against the officer(s) of this committee by the Fair Political Practices Commission. Moreover, it will be the elected City Clerk who can and should refer the matter to state regulators to enforce this action – a process that is better guaranteed by an independently elected city clerk. In this instance, an appointed City Clerk would be faced with the task of reporting these violations committed by the very individuals who employ an appointed City Clerk (including four of the five sitting council members) – a daunting task and one ripe for undue influence. An elected City Clerk only answers to the voters and is therefore in the best position to resist any potential attempt to force a City Clerk – who is the City’s chief elections officer – to do anything other than what is right. That is the proper check and balance that the Office of the City Clerk provides – so long as it is independently elected. As the elected City Clerk I worked to make government documents accessible to the public by adding documents to our online system and promoting and expanding the services of the City Clerk’s Office. I did this as a responsive elected official dedicated to empowering the community and ensuring that our residents understood the role of the office. It is critical that the office remain a responsive and independent agency and that is best accomplished through democratic elections. Anything less would be a disservice to the community. Sincerely, Ann Abdilla-Musso Former Elected City Clerk of Burlingame (916) 990-6258
At no time did I say the City of Burlingame does not have a trusted and responsible and well respected city manager, Sam. My opposition has to do with checks and balances, something I believe will be jeopardized should the position becomes appointed. As far as what the City Clerk "does", during my tenure, many residents knew me and what I "did" and I'm sure the majority of them had never been to a Council meeting before. I interacted with them, I engaged them, I was there for them when they didn't know who to talk to or how to get help. I was able to do that because I was elected.
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Thank you, "a little bird".. Have a great day!
Correction... 8 days until the election... I have work to do!
P.S. Thank you Gerald Weisl for informing me of what is going on with this. Few more weeks left before the election... plan to see my name in print before it's over.