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The analytical "estimate this" questions are a good. They seem to be pretty standard for a lot of the grad recruiting that I've seen.
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Jon- I disagree. I'm doing my MBA right now and while I've certainly gotten questions from a few people about "why HR" there's actually a surprising degree of recognition of the strategic potential of HR. The HR club here is actually a joint project of the MBA and MHR programs and one of our required classes here is OB. Also, the companies that are coming to the business school to recruit for finance, general management etc largely recognize that HR (*if done well*) is a big value-add.
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As someone who is an MBA student and committed to a career in HR/human capital I've seen a lot of this in my conversations with other people. The interest in HR among MBA students (from what I've seen so far) is focused around talent acquisition/management, organizational design & M&A. Interest in comp/ben, labor unions and compliance related areas tends to be lower. I just joined SHRM and haven't had a chance to read my first issue of the magazine yet, but now I'm intrigued by what my reaction will be. I'll have to leave another comment after I've done so (although exams next week come first!).
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