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I appreciate your kind comments about my work. Just as a reference point, here's the original column that you discussed in your post: I’m not sure if it’s fair to say I think the Aviation Enforcement Office is failing to protect consumers. Actually, I have written about many of the agency's key enforcement actions on my consumer travel blog, You might say I’ve been something of a fan. I quoted a source in the column who is critical of your agency. Some of the statements he made are mistakenly attributed to me in your post. I do believe my source made some interesting points based on years of observing your agency, which is why they were included in the story. It is also misleading to say I think extended tarmac delays don't require DOT attention. Quite the opposite is true. Rather, the column criticized our fixation on tarmac delays at the expense of other important passenger issues. I’m relieved to learn that you’re focused on every aspect of the air travel experience. I agree that it’s important to have a discussion about the most important areas of consumer protection, and am looking forward to the debate.