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I suppose the interesting question when everyone is an author and publisher is how we filter and aggregate that material into something meaningful or alternately (how I interpret your post) how you focus the potential of these tools and produce something transformative. In fact, I think both approaches are different but quite valid - the former is emergent, the latter curatorial (if that is a word). Thanks for writing the post. J
Toggle Commented Jul 25, 2010 on What's The Point? at The COMRADITY Journal
I agree that no existing silo should / or can definitively own "social". I wrote about this last month analogizing this to the Total Quality Movement (TQM) in the 90s... They started TQM departments before realizing that everyone in the organization was responsible for quality. As you point out - this is also the case with communications. I think we will have some transitional period where "social" gets a box on the org chart. Then I think orgs will restructure around social and the term will disappear altogether. J
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HI Bill, Great article. Thanks for linking to my piece in Forbes (We met at the Fast Forward conference earlier this year b.t.w.). The more work I do in this area the more I am convinced that it is much more than a set of hard-policies, but a chance to set the tone for the entire organization - an entry point for many different groups (mktg, legal, HR etc.) to come together and understand how social technologies might present opportunities and risks.