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There appears to be a name and phone number at the bottom. Who is posting these, the Shomrim?
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Also they introduced the guitar to the Spaniards
Not just that, but they also introduced the fork to Europe. There was a lot of resistance amongst some Italians to using forks rather than their hands. One notable Italian noble insisted that "if God wanted us to eat like that, He would have put them on our fingers."
I think this analysis is totally incorrect and I'll say why. Pakistan's government; from Musharraf to Zardari has been totally pro-US. They were a big ally in the Cold War to today. Zardari I a liberal who blames the Taliban an other terrorists for killing his wife. I don't question whose side he is on. I think the problem in this article and many other analyses is that we assume the Pakistani government an military move as one. Pakistan is one of the more corrupt countries on earth; it's obvious that there's corruption within the military and people being paid to work against the government's objectives. Thus, it's really counterproductive to say that "Pakistan" supports the terrorists. Thousands of Pakistani soldiers have died fighting these terrorists, the problem is the corruption and small minority inside the organization messing it all up. (kinda offensive to lump the victims in with the terrorists.) Pakistan isn't supporting terrorists to get at America. These same terrorists are killing thousands of Pakistanis, and theres an active war going on. More likely someone is bribing lower level commanders to look the other way; clearly not something Islamabad is orchestrating. Also, they're not making any nuke threats. If the leaders are being assassinated they're not going to hand weapons over to those same people.
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Extremely well put. I'm still in awe of how many people just don't understand this issue.
Saxton's quote makes it sound like the MB is waiting for enough people and then is going to try to make a coup? What a baloney premise.
The article is fantastic, as usual. Kudos!
I didn't see it yet, but Obama discussed Egypt during an interview with YouTube questions
You oughta send this to the NYTimes and Loonwatch. It's good
Yes, this is worrying, but let's look at the positive here. We have nearly a month to prepare. Honestly, that's awesome; did we have a month to prepare for the Danish cartoon controversy? The big discussion about the subway ads around the time of 9/11? (I'm sure Congressman Peter King will make political hay about this too) Time is a great asset here. Let's get the word out ahead of time. Talk to your friends in other religions and interfaith networks. Let churches know by giving them a call. Tweet it and post it on facebook. Rather than have the Muslim community feel blindsided, start preparing people. Also, by telling non-Muslims, they too will be aware of the situation, and if chain letter emails like this one start going around ( ) then those in the know will either stop the chain or reply with corrections.
What a glorious takedown. Edward Said would definitely approve.
It kind of makes you think, what sort of reform would be the outcome of such a meeting? What sort of reform would please those calling for it? For Muslims, it's a pretty diverse mix. I'm sure shedding some old and odd cultural ideas would probably be on top of the agenda. For Non-Muslims, it would probably be a call for more "western" ideas. I'm resistant to pressure from this group, because few people of this came will be satisfied no matter what the outcome. Anything less than legalizing gay marriage won't satisfy the DailyKos crowd, and anything less than calling for normalized relations with Israel or getting rid of the idea of lesser Jihad won't satisfy those from RedState. I know this isn't exactly a conference or workgroup, and these speakers have made their positions known, but I'd love to see them get together and hammer out some resolutions or something for us to consider.
I feel saddened by this. You've always been one of the more articulate speakers whenever we had a TV interview. I had always expected that you'd stick around until we got the new building. However, best wishes in your new endeavor! Your work towards helping the Ummah has always been much appreciated. I know that insha'Allah you'll do something that will make us all proud.
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