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Henry, Regarding the latest prototype of the VW 1-litre I estimate that, for going at 65 MPH (104.6 km/hr), with 2 persons inside, it only uses about 5.4 HP Air drag: 3.94 HP Rolling Resistance: 1.42 HP Total weight: 530 kg (with 2 persons) CdA: 0.199 sq. metre
Something interesting about this engine is that, according to Cyclone, it does NOT require lubricating oil for the pistons, i.e. it is water-lubricated.
I cannot understand this neither. Maybe one of the existing most efficient reciprocating natural gas engines can attain 44.4% mechanical efficiency (43.5% to electrical power) [operating on the Miller cycle] MWM Group, Germany. And the largest 2-stroke diesel (or fuel oil) engines can attain 52% mechanical efficiency. And I think the best that can be done by the Prius engine (Atkinson cycle) is about 37% efficiency.