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Loren Bliss
Pacific Northwest (In permanent exile from Manhattan)
Editor/writer/photographer/explorer of the human condition
Interests: sociology, history and metaphysics -- class struggle, gender conflict and the eco-human crisis; objective analysis: iconoclasm, violation of taboos, destruction of shibboleths; indicative absurdities and grotesques; laughter and the sensuality of thinking; macrocosms and microcosms of being; in short, real life -- typically as viewed from the seemingly contradictory but ultimately consonant (and often symbiotic) perspectives of Marxism and pagan agnosticism.
Recent Activity
AFTERMATH: a young woman finds an antique colander in the debris and wreckage washed ashore by the unprecedented high tides of an unusually severe winter storm. (Photo by Loren Bliss ©2022) ***** WE ARE SUBJUGATED as we now are primarily because our conditioned ignorance and gullibility allow nearly all of us -- no matter how sophisticated we might imagine ourselves -- to be seduced by three of our species' most deceptively camouflaged intellectual malignancies. The seductiveness of these symbiotic falsehoods is so overwhelming, not even the clarifying might of dialectic materialism -- Marxism's presumably impenetrable defense against irrationality -- seems... Continue reading
Posted Jul 28, 2022 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
(Sorry; with Permanently ChristoNazified SCOTUS Defiantly Resurrecting the Racism and Misogyny of the Confederacy and the German Third Reich, Moron Nation's Skyrocketing Horrors Force My Reversion to Political Reporting.) FEEL AGAIN THEIR NOW-TRIUMPHANT HATE -- Thanks to the "Democratic" (sic) Party's post-22-November-1963 function as the permanently Christo-Nazified Republican Party's treasonous Fifth Column, we'll be subjugated by the GOP's lifetime Supreme Court appointments until we the people of the 99 Percent are either dead or eternally enslaved and the remnants of our nation either completes our Masters' ever-more-obviously intended destruction of the world or by some miracle is added to the... Continue reading
Posted Jul 14, 2022 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
Spring is Springing! Praise to the Maiden and all the joy that she brings. (Photo by Loren Bliss ©2015) ***** THE UKRAINE WAR has rekindled the nagging underture of terror about which, mostly for the emotional protection of my first wife, I dutifully maintained silence throughout the entire Cuban Missile Crisis. At the time the crisis became public, 16 October 1962, I was six weeks to the day beyond my return from Korea and release from three years of active Regular Army duty, though I had yet to serve a three-year reserve obligation; I thus remained solidly within the grasp... Continue reading
Posted Mar 28, 2022 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
A failed May Day demonstration became my public obituary for Occupy Tacoma; I was among its mourners because -- disclosure -- I had been among its earliest and most hopeful activists. But the deliberately induced self-obsession and moral imbecility that destroyed Occupy from within is now destroying the United States as intended, for which see below. (Photo by Loren Bliss ©2012) ***** Biden's Broken Promises and Ecogenocidal Policies Make It Ever More Obvious Our Masters -- Whomever or Whatever They May Be -- Intend to Exterminate Us, Whether by Disease, Terminal Climate Change or Thermonuclear War GIVEN THE DEADLY and... Continue reading
Posted Feb 12, 2022 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
Photographic illustration by Loren Bliss ©1968, 1974, 2012 (One of those sudden mysterious creative impulses prompted me during a night of darkroom work in 1968 to contemplatively sandwich a '67 negative of Hare Krishna dancers with a '67 neg of anti-Vietnam-War protestors; I impulsively added the moon with my photo-editor's punch in '74 while contemplating whether to print it for a Seattle gallery show, as I then did. It survived the '83 arson only because it was among the mounted prints with me in my portfolio case. Today, I am astounded by how relevant these images remain.) ***** (Author's Note:... Continue reading
Posted Jan 21, 2022 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
MY APOLOGY FOR Dispatches' long silence. Convinced there is no way to defeat our Neoliberal (Neonazi) Masters save by doing whataver may be necessary to survive their ongoing campaigns of exterminate-the-Working-Class ecogenocide -- the murderously weaponized profiteering by which they are replacing us with slaves and robots -- I have been trying since last November to find some new pathway for this blog. At that I may have succeeded; my new approach might be termed "speculative futurism" -- that is, if by some miracle we have any future at all. But its launch -- at present a collection of handwritten... Continue reading
Posted Jun 24, 2021 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
In Yet Another Epic Betrayal, Forcible-Disarmament-Fanatic Joe Has Sneakily Renewed His Opposition to Legalized Marijuana -- Probably to Radically Intensify Prosecutions of Otherwise Lawful Gun Owners THANKS TO A pair of sources -- The Stand, Washington State Labor Council's excellent on-line daily, plus a much-appreciated news tip from fellow journalist William Boardman -- we now have our clearest-yet sense of the hatred and contempt that unites the "Democratic" (sic) and Republican parties in the ecogenocidal solidarity of their Neoliberal (Neonazi) war against U.S. Working Families and the global Working Class in general: The Stand tells us President Joseph Biden's ongoing... Continue reading
Posted Mar 27, 2021 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
FAR MORE SUCCINCTLY than I have ever seen it explained elsewhere1, Bruce Lerro has described in an exceptionally thought-provoking, unusually well-crafted2 essay just how it is we might recapture and wield -- this time for the preservation of our species and the protection of our Mother Earth -- the psychologically transformative power inherent in ritual. His point is that if we are to transcend our self-inflicted apocalypse, we must rediscover and reclaim that power for ourselves, thus giving ourselves psychological-warfare weaponry at least as potent as the psywar weapons our enemies now routinely wield against us. The piece in question... Continue reading
and Why Ryokan's Haiku Typifies Our Only (Real) Source of Salvation: First some Bad news: Then some Good news: Obviously if we humans are to save ourselves, we must mobilize not as Americans or Russians or Nooksacks or Koreans or Masai, but as Gaians -- as lovingly fierce defenders of our Mother Earth -- and we must do so no matter our nationality or race or ethnicity or gender or ideology or whether we view Gaia as metaphor or matriarch. Thus our most immediate need is clearly some sort of Gaian... Continue reading
Posted Jan 22, 2021 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
THE RATHER FORCEFUL assertion by disciples of the cult of mandatory optimism there is no proof of nationally effective ChristoNazi/Trumpite leadership, organization and solidarity – and that we should therefore stop fearing it and its armed rabble -- is refuted by local and national news reports. Below we have 22 states in which local media reported Nazi demonstrations obviously coordinated with the assault on the U.S. capitol, plus five more states in which local media suppressed stories of coordinated Nazi violence nevertheless reported by Associated Press. That’s 27 states total or 27/50, which is 54 percent. Plus based on these... Continue reading
...Thus to Complete the Coup They Began 22 November 1963. I RAISE THIS as the ultimate question because history proves such purposeful atrocities are many -- among the most notable are the Reichstag Fire (which the Nazis manipulated into seizure of absolute power in Weimar Germany), plus of course the original Bloody Sunday -- the massacre organized by a Russian Orthodox Priest named Georgi Gapon. This "Father Gapon" -- an agent-provocateur for the Okhrana (the Tsar's secret police) -- organized the incident precisely to provide Tsar Nicholas II the excuse for the relentless genocide by which he then exterminated hundreds... Continue reading
FOR THE PAST several weeks I have been working on a new, definitively apolitical Dispatches format essentially based on the Royokan haiku I regard as our species' best-ever expression of gratitude in the wake of hopelessly ruinous loss: The thief left it behind: the moon at my window. But the seizure of our national capitol by a Trump-spawned Nazi lynch mob has interrupted that quarantine-enabled growth process, and my own resurgent journalistic ethics demand response: Because I (involuntarily) lived in the South for most of my first 24 years, I know entirely too well the bottomless, irremediable Evil of our... Continue reading
THE FORM AND CONTENT apparent below typifies the form and content of future Dispatches, which will also include -- though not today -- some (clearly labeled) short fiction. Meanwhile, my profound gratitude to those readers who remain faithful enough to periodically revisit. Thank you so very very very much! ***** Posted on in response to: Tens of Millions Displaced by 'War On Terror' -- the Greatest Scam Ever Invented ACTUALLY, MS. JOHNSTONE, the so-called "war on terror" was only one part of "the greatest scam ever invented." The ultimate "greatest scam" is the endless tsunami of Big Lies that... Continue reading
For the past 14 hours, I have been at work on the weekend edition of Dispatches, not only scanning something like 100 separate reports for relevant contents but continuing the process of redesigning the site for maximum visual attractiveness. But when I attempted to publish my work, whatever it is that happens beneath a "BAD GATEWAY" notice obliterated every bit of it. I do not know whether this psychologically devastating loss was deliberately inflicted by a newly censoring Typepad regime or by some ChristoNazi hacker, or whether (unlike Trump's deliberately sadistic, maximum-misery-to-Working-Families machinations with the stimulus payments), it was a... Continue reading
Posted Apr 17, 2020 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
COVID-19 deaths break US record as virus spreads through every state State orders Tacoma apartment complex to stop eviction notices Amazon Fires Employees Who Spoke Out About Coronavirus and Climate Change ***** Reliable anthologies of pandemic reports (scroll each site for whatever "un-curated" news you deem relevant): Virus Outbreak Updated constantly by the Associated Press. Black Agenda Report Updated regularly. In my opinion, the best, most informative, most relevant political website on the U.S. Internet. RT - Breaking news, shows, podcasts Democratic (sic) Party Big Lies and Republican censorship not withstanding, this site provides what is often the most truthful... Continue reading
Posted Apr 16, 2020 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
Denied Food by Virus Lockdowns, Urban Rats Turn Cannibal, Eat Their Babies. Are They Giving Us a Glimpse of Our Own Future? I LEAD WITH THIS item because one of the stories our ever-more-censored medis is NOT reporting is how close to collapse the food-supply-chain might be due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Obviously, as this report describes, the urban rats' food chain -- 24/7 access to restaurant garbage -- has already collapsed. And the human food-supply-chain is unquestionably in dire jeopardy. To learn more -- including about how packs of rats are now warring with one another -- go here.... Continue reading
Posted Apr 15, 2020 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
ChristoNazi Front Group Demands End to Church-State Separation THE FANATICALLY HATEFUL CHRISTIANS against whom some of us have struggled nearly all our lives have radically intensified their Sharia-minded efforts to convince the already pro-theocracy Trump/Pence Regime to do whatever might be necessary to force declaration of the murderously misogynistic, lynch-mob-racist Prosperity Gospel as the official U.S. state religion. And they are counting on the unprecedented death and chaos inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic to conceal their campaign until its momentum is unstoppable. Unfortunately these disclosures are via Daily Koz -- the quasi-official Democratic (sic) Party website that even less credibility... Continue reading
Posted Apr 14, 2020 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
Another Format Change: One I Hope Will Enhance Readability YES WANTONLY TARDY BUT this time without regret beyond the need to apologize for any resultant inconvenience because this late posting is the unavoidable consequence of the unanticipated re-activation of a near-lifelong obsession as confessed beneath the other reason for this belatedness: a format-redesign suggested by a few readers who tell me that while they regard the present form of Dispatches as vital, they also suspect it may include so many links their sheer number might be off-putting not only to the chronically busy but even to normally preoccupied people. Hence... Continue reading
Posted Apr 13, 2020 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
What Ever-More-Censorsed U.S. Media Is Loathe to Tell Us: Can Government Halt Evictions and Foreclosures by the Defiantly Greedy Scumlords and Banksters? If Not, We Face Unprecedented Homelessness, Probable Societal Collapse, Possible Revolution, Secession and Civil War THE NATION'S MOST VITAL report to-date on the projected ruin inflicted by COVID-19 -- predictably pay-walled from lower-income eyes by Jeff Bezos' Washington Post -- tells us "a massive wave of evictions is coming" and warns us "temporary bans won't help." Assigned by WaPo to a pair of uniquely qualified freelancers whose scoop-the-world story was then ironically excluded from the material its Bezos-bedazzled... Continue reading
Posted Apr 10, 2020 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
General news: (Scan by scrolling down -- it'll take only minutes at most -- read whatever is relevant1 to you and yours, share it if appropriate and skip the rest.) What did they know, exactly? US intel warned of ‘cataclysmic’ coronavirus pandemic in NOVEMBER 2019, report claims There's no longer any question the Trump/Pence Regime is deliberately, maliciously, sadistically weaponizing the virus as its primary mechanism of ecogenocidal murder. Navarro Memos Warning of Mass Coronavirus Death Circulated White House in January More on the murderers in the White (plantation) House and in the broader Regime, Mitch the Malignant and his... Continue reading
Stay Home, Don't Vote -- or Risk Drowning in Your Own Snot Wisconsin Horror Ends All Remaining Pretense of U.S. Humanitarianism as Regime and Robbers' Court Weaponize Covid-19 to Kill the 2020 Elections THOUGH IT SEEMS no one else dares say it, what the PluPreds -- plutocratic predators -- have done to us in Wisconsin provides a potent preview of how they intend to use Covid-19, death from which is typically an agonizing process in which one is slowly suffocated by one's own mucus, to terrify most of us into self-disenfranchisement. They can't do that to us in Washington state... Continue reading
GOOD MORNING. As always, scan by scrolling down -- it'll take only minutes at most -- read whatever is relevant1 to you and yours, share it if appropriate and skip the rest: General news: Why America's Anti-Science and Anti-Intellectual Attitudes Doom It to Coronavirus "Pearl Harbor" Atrocious metaphor. If one cannot resist the locker-room cliche of comparing the profiteer-crippled U.S. anti-pandemic response to a battle, one should at least know something of military history. Given the skyrocketing probability we are doomed by deadly Neoliberal greed to be the most virus-devastated industrial nation on the planet, a somewhat less inaccurate choice... Continue reading
GOOD MORNING. (This replaces the original 5-6 April 2020 report, which was deleted by computer glitch or by my own compu-idiocy, I know not which. It is recovered from an earlier draft, which means it is not as well written -- not as well edited and revised -- as the destroyed version, the quality of which is impossible to duplicate simply because there is no way I can remember all the improvements I had made in the original posting.) As always, scan by scrolling down -- it'll take only minutes at most -- read whatever is relevant1 to you and... Continue reading
INFORMATION IN TODAY'S WORLD is mostly the possession of the One Percent and is therefore rationed accordingly; indeed it is weaponized by selective distribution exactly as if it were medical supplies amidst a plague or food amidst famine. Hence if we are to break the deathgrip the Neoliberals and their theeocrat/fascist allies have on the throats of all Working Families, we must recognize that seizure and control of the information supply is at least as vital -- and in many instances more vital -- than seizure and control of the food supply. The reports below are offered as my own... Continue reading
HERE WE ARE AGAIN: today's links1 to reports that, beyond the sturm und drang of Mainstream Media Propaganda Machine (MMPM) headlines, seem to me the most usefully informative Internet stories about the ever-more-deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Most of these selections are scoops and/or analyses by my alternative-press colleagues; they are thus certain to be censored by MMPM outlets. The remainder are MMPM sidebars chosen for their vital details, many of which the MMPM advertisers don't want published and against which they have designed virtually omnipotent technologies of oppression; suppression of these types of stories -- whether by censorship or by... Continue reading