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Loren Bliss
Pacific Northwest (In permanent exile from Manhattan)
Editor/writer/photographer/explorer of the human condition
Interests: sociology, history and metaphysics -- class struggle, gender conflict and the eco-human crisis; objective analysis: iconoclasm, violation of taboos, destruction of shibboleths; indicative absurdities and grotesques; laughter and the sensuality of thinking; macrocosms and microcosms of being; in short, real life -- typically as viewed from the seemingly contradictory but ultimately consonant (and often symbiotic) perspectives of Marxism and pagan agnosticism.
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How Belief in a Hereafter Fosters Suicidal Abandonment of the Now THE SADDEST, MOST TRAGIC element within human consciousness is its uncanny and ultimately self-destructive penchant for seducing us into believing in what the god-peddlers and heaven-hucksters and Prosperity Gospel indulgence-pushers call “eternal life.” For it is that delusion -- that and none other -- that has doomed our species by convincing it of the ultimate Big-Lie rationalization for doing nothing whatsoever to improve human life on earth, merely because “there's a better land a-waiting in the sky.” Thus the monstrous falsehood of “eternal life” becomes the excuse for every... Continue reading
THIS YEAR'S FLU vaccine is obviously useless -- I got the shot back in September -- but it provided me no protection at all. Given the nature of Evangelical Nazism, I cannot but wonder if weakened or useless vaccine is yet another of the Trump/Pence Regime's methods of back-door genocide. Or if it is just another typical rip-off by the Capitalists: minimum quality -- or more likely nonexistent quality -- for maximum price. Ain't it wonderful to live in a realm where nothing -- absolutely nothing -- is trustworthy anymore. And -- yes -- I may yet have to be... Continue reading
Our Fight for Survival Goes Beyond Proletarians Versus Plutocrats; It Is Now a Doomsday War between Humanitarians and Moral Imbeciles THE MARXIAN CONCEPT of class struggle was for many decades our most powerful tool of consciousness-raising and liberation. It was understandable enough -- and therefore compelling enough -- to encourage widespread rebellion in the 19th Century and to fuel successful revolutions in the 20th Century. It also terrified the Capitalists into allowing a number of social-democratic reform movements as well -- the New Deal most assuredly included. But now in the 21st Century -- ironically just as We the People... Continue reading
Posted Oct 29, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
But -- Probably Due to Political Considerations (See Below) -- Not Even NRA Dares Fight This Super-Sneaky Forcible-Disarmament Ploy THE BAD NEWS is buried in the official Initiative 1639 text, Page 8, first paragraph: "The purchaser shall be given a copy of the department of fish and wildlife pamphlet on the legal limits of the use of firearms and firearms safety and the fact that local laws and ordinances on firearms are preempted by state law and must be consistent with state law." Washington state uses such strike-throughs to show which parts of present-day laws legislators or voters are targeting... Continue reading
Posted Oct 24, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
U.S. Freedom Dies Forever as Republicans and Democrats Weaponize Reagan's Biggest Big Lie into Our One "Self-Evident" National Truth Meanwhile Reality Compels Another Dispatches Format Change NO, GOOD PEOPLE, ELECTIONS cannot restore humanitarian governance to the United States. Not now. Not ever -- not as long as our candidates are all chosen by our Capitalist overlords. Yes, our most recent betrayal by the Democratic (sic) Party is obviously intended to help the Republicans by minimizing voter turnout next month. It's other purpose is tightening the already deadly ChristoNazi stranglehold on the national judiciary. Now the only truly motivated voters will... Continue reading
Posted Oct 15, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
Kavanaugh Finalizes the Boiled-Frog Coup Begun by JFK Murder; Without the Court's Protection, We the People Are Naught but Slaves (The following is not how I had intended to resurrect Dispatches after its post-injury hiatus. But the end of the United States as we knew it is a pivotal story that demanded immediate response.) ***** THE CHRISTONAZI CONQUEST of the United States Supreme Court means a vengefully white-supremacist, vindictively misogynistic third of the homeland population now rules the Empire for its Capitalist masters. Like chain-gang guards or plantation overseers, these lavishly funded fanatics will try to lord it over all... Continue reading
JesuNazi Control of the Courts Condemns Us All -- Especially Women and Minorities -- to the Unimaginable Horrors of Christian Theocracy Where Then Do We Go from Here? What Options Remain? FUCK IT; DAMN me as a "defeatist" if you like, but I'll no longer hide my hopelessness or despair. Severely disabling injuries of the sort I have suffered twice this year can sometimes clarify one's thinking, purging it of distractions that obscure the ultimate (and therefore ultimately damning) truths of this uniquely apocalyptic age of absolute human hopelessness: the undeniable and infinitely terrifying fact the extinction of our species... Continue reading
On "The Famous Flower of Serving Men" and the Folk Revival That Birthed the '60s Counterculture and Called Back the Great Goddess (Photographs referenced below are here and here.) YES I HAVE BEEN GONE a long time, and yes there are more changes in Dispatches forthcoming, changes I will announce in another week or so, as soon as I have thought them to completion. Meanwhile here at last with my apology for the unforeseen delay is the essay I promised Kate King in gratitude for her unusually knowledgeable You Tube comment about "The Famous Flower of Serving Men" -- an... Continue reading
Posted Aug 16, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
This Lucrative Obamanoid Gift to the Already Obscenely Wealthy Is Alone Sufficient Proof to Forever Damn the Democrats as Betrayers YEAH, I'M BACK, but not -- as I shall explain in a subsequent posting -- as I had originally planned to be. I had promised readers on another website I'd complete an essay on the pagan, anti-patriarchal origins of the Scots ballad "The Famous Flower of Serving Men," which I will indeed do, and I will finish another recently begun essay addressing the unique psychological circumstances -- specifically the subjugated fatalism one might expect to find were our planet nothing... Continue reading
Posted Jul 18, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
Because I'm a dyslexic -- severe dyslexia at that -- I have always had problems with balancing. I could not walk until I was nearly two, and even then, walking was invariably accompanied by a terrible fear of losing my balance, falling on my face and and thereby maximizing my unattractiveness, from mildly ugly to genuinely grotesque. Of course that fear went away -- the more I walked, the less I felt it -- and I was free of it well before my fifth year. But now in old age it has risen to terrify me again. I'm 78; I've... Continue reading
Posted Jun 24, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
His Policies Express the Terminal Arrogance of Patriarchal Misogyny: That Our Planet Is Just Another Woman to Be Beaten into Submission "...indications are that the more ardently Christian an American becomes, the less he or she cares about the environment...Then there is the fact that the Environmental Protection Agency is currently headed by an evangelical, the now-infamous Scott Pruitt...unscrupulous, hypocritical, and dishonest—a walking caricature of the Trump era...But outside of the mainstream media and the coastal cities, Pruitt has supporters who like him so much that they’re willing to ignore his petty scandals and Napoleon complex. They like him because... Continue reading
Posted Jun 16, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
ADMITTEDLY I'M FLOUNDERING. I'm trying to find a format and a publication schedule that makes Dispatches useful to the greatest number of people, primarily as a one-stop source for the preceding week's most significant alternative-media stories. And I will continue toward that objective -- selecting Dispatches' content primarily for readers who are doing their best to stay genuinely informed in these frightful times but are too busy struggling for survival to hunt down the separate stories themselves. Again asking myself the pivotal question -- who are you my readers -- I suspect some editions of Dispatches may have been intimidating... Continue reading
Posted Jun 14, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
New Hillaryite Rule Locks Out Sanders, Any Others the DNC Won't Ok as Real Democrats, Thus Formalizing the Party's Hatred of Reformers '"We just came off a devastating presidential loss in 2016. It would seem to me the actual impetus would be to expand the Democratic Party. I just for the life of me don’t see any motivation for this beyond personal spite,' Mark Longabaugh, a senior adviser to Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign, told Yahoo News.'I scratch my head and ask why they would want to make the party more narrow and more exclusive.' Other progressives echoed Longabaugh’s critique of... Continue reading
Posted Jun 10, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
(So Began Their Boiled-Frog Reduction of Our Lives to Wretchedness) “TV commentator Chris Matthews’ book, Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit, has been a best seller since it was released last October, but there’s a lot of important material that Matthews (deliberately) left out (to cover up Kennedy's progressive politics)...Martin Luther King was relying on Bobby to enter the race, and when he did, was overjoyed, saying he would make an outstanding president. RFK had King, Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta on his side...Why does Matthews continually ignore these points? If one thinks, as his employers at MSNBC do, that Hillary... Continue reading
If We Are to Understand How We Became Our Planet's Apocalypse Nation, We Must All Fearlessly Admit Our Blood-Drenched History Memorial Day 1967, Tompkins Park, Manhattan's Lower East Side, New York City: an atrocity perpetrated by cops egged on by Ukrainian war criminals, then flushed down the Orwell hole and now nearly forgotten. Photograph by Loren Bliss © 1967, 2018. * (Editor's Note: Never before have I rewritten a published blog post as thoroughly as I have rewritten this one, a challenging process that reveals by the delays it imposed on publication the extreme, mostly emotional difficulty I had in... Continue reading
Federally Militarized Police Add Middle-Class Minorities to Target List “Another day, another black man violently assaulted by five rogue police officers for the ever-increasing crime of BWB (breathing while black). This time it was NBA player Sterling Brown...It’s hardly news that people of color are continually harassed, but what’s been making the news lately is the frequency with which upwardly mobile, middle-class people of color are being targeted. From the two black men waiting for a friend at a Philadelphia Starbucks, to a black Yale graduate student napping in her dorm’s common room, to three black women facing down seven... Continue reading
Posted May 27, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
A Mainstream Magazine Warns of "Much Harder" Tyranny Ahead; New Threats of War Give the Regime an Excuse to Abolish Our Rights (Note: much of the following was written before Trump's John-Bolton-inspired Thursday afternoon cancellation of the Korea talks, for which see "Trump Kills Korean Talks; World War III Threat Intensifies," below. I didn't make this dreadfully ominous development tonight's lead story for two reasons: one, because Mainstream Media has already covered it (albeit no doubt omitting the fact Pence threatened Kim Jong-Un with ending "like the Libyan model ended," i.e., with an agonizing death like Gaddafi's, by anal impalement;... Continue reading
Posted May 25, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
One of the Now-Censored Reports Says the Army Lost Track of $6.5 Trillion in Fiscal 2015, a Sum 54 Times Greater Than the $120 Billion Army Budget Approved by Congress. Is This Inept Accounting? Or Is It Governance as Gangsterism, Complete with Under-the-Table Payoffs? DESPITE OUR NATIONAL MATHOPHOBIA -- and if the two remarkably courageous economics professors who authored this mind-blowing scoop-the-world report for the online 8 December 2017 issue of Forbes magazine are not disappeared by government agents -- these disclosures could evolve into the most devastating scandal in U.S. history. Yes, math is a big turn-off for many... Continue reading
Posted May 20, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
Newspaper Report Reveals How Secret Police, Military Rule the Nation (Though the delay was unavoidable, again my apology for the tardy publication of this post.) Thursday’s edition of The New York Times carries an extraordinary, 4,000-word report on the role of the FBI in the 2016 US presidential election. Whatever the intentions of those who produced, edited and approved this lengthy account, it gives a glimpse of an American political system in which the security services, and particularly the FBI and CIA, play a critical and even decisive role...(in tyrannizing) a deeply class-divided society, in which two political parties of... Continue reading
Posted May 19, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
This delay is due to technical problems I hope to have corrected as soon as possible, which means this week's edition will probably be up by Friday afternoon. My apology for any resultant inconvenience. Sunday morning's "Weekend Update" will most likely be back on schedule. Thank you for your patience. --- Loren Bliss Continue reading
Posted May 17, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
NORMALLY I ORDER the linked reports in Dispatches in accordance with news values that were mine as a daily newspaper news editor or telegraph editor. This is to say international news generally outranks all but the most significant local news, and crisis, scandal or disaster outranks everything else unless it is a positive story about some development (such as an increase in the minimum wage) that benefits us all. But those criteria vanish down the proverbial toilet in the face of the following story, which, though it is about the victimization of one man, nevertheless exemplifies the stark, Gestapo-type terror... Continue reading
Posted May 12, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
Seattle Tax Fight (Scroll Down) Is Microcosm of Capitalist Viciousness While the mass media focuses on the latest daily scandals emanating from the White House, a leader of the secular left in Iran says President Trump is stepping up plans for an attack on that country which could trigger a devastating regional war with horrific implications for world peace...The Tudeh Party leader warned that the Trump administration poses a graver threat to peace than any prior U.S. administration..." See also: "The war on Iran, in other words, has begun. It has been brewing for some time." And this: "In the... Continue reading
Posted May 11, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Reaches All-Time Human-Era High "Carbon dioxide measurements at Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii averaged 410.31 parts per million (ppm) in April. That bests last May’s record of 409.65 ppm, is well above the pre-industrial value of 280 ppm, and means the atmosphere of April 2018 was unparalleled in human history. Its reign will be short-lived, as May will almost surely set another record." See Also: "At it's most tame state, hypercapnia will cause headaches, confusion, and an inability to think straight." Comment: could it be the carbon dioxide poisoning that's turning so many of our alleged leaders... Continue reading
But Will Michelle Wolf's Fact-Fanged Satire Jumpstart Our Recovery? UNDER ORDINARY CIRCUMSTANCES, I would ignore the annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner. But the outcry for and against Michelle Wolf's precedent-setting denunciations of the Trump/Pence Regime and its enablers in the Democratic (sic) Party and in the Mainstream Media propaganda machine have catapulted the event into a major news item. Why do I see it as such? Because -- those who know me as a perpetual pessimist please accept my apology for this forthcoming spasm of optimism -- I believe Wolf's rightfully venomous characterizations of our JesuNazi overlords and their... Continue reading
Proposed Korean Peace Treaty Exemplifies Our Remaining Potential THE HEADLINES ABOVE and the related text immediately below combine two very different reports as if they were separate aspects of the same story -- which in oft-unacknowledged fact they truly are, intertwined like Yin and Yang. One report -- "a new era of peace has begun" -- applauds the inspiring progress the Koreans are making toward establishing lasting peace on their peninsula. The key to their success seems to be recognition by both Kim Jong-Un and Moon Jae-in of the extent to which the Empire and its plutocratic owners profit by... Continue reading
Posted Apr 29, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia