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Loren Bliss
Pacific Northwest (In permanent exile from Manhattan)
Editor/writer/photographer/explorer of the human condition
Interests: sociology, history and metaphysics -- class struggle, gender conflict and the eco-human crisis; objective analysis: iconoclasm, violation of taboos, destruction of shibboleths; indicative absurdities and grotesques; laughter and the sensuality of thinking; macrocosms and microcosms of being; in short, real life -- typically as viewed from the seemingly contradictory but ultimately consonant (and often symbiotic) perspectives of Marxism and pagan agnosticism.
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There Is Only One Possible Explanation for the Denial, Dithering and maliciously scripted paralysis by which our Capitalist masters are relentlessly sabotaging every effort to counter the economic and environmental Apocalypse now so obviously upon us. The moral imbeciles of the totalitarian cabal we know as the One Percent are after all the de facto emperors of the world. Their shock-doctrine strategy and tactics are obvious both in their obscenely profitable exploitation of the climate crisis and their sadistic intensification of Neoliberal socioeconomic and political savagery. That is why their relentless combination of environmental obstructionism and genocide by austerity1 declares... Continue reading
Posted 19 hours ago at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
Imagine a Concentration-Camp Planet Ruled by a Hillary or a Trump. Unthinkable, Yes? But What Other Future Could They Be Planning? WHEN WE ANALYZE the indications as investigative reporters and intelligence analysts are taught to do, there is only one possible explanation for the denial, dithering and maliciously scripted paralysis by which our overlords sabotage every effort to counter the already-apocalyptic and soon-to-be-terminal climate crisis.1 No matter how I evaluate the evidence, I find it impossible to escape the conclusion our Capitalist masters long ago decided their "Final Solution" to all the world's problems is to allow the looming disasters... Continue reading
Climate Change Reveals the Patriarchal Gods as the Deadliest of Demons; the 1% Perpetuates the Crisis to Impose Shock-Doctrine Tyranny; Our Mother Earth Issues Her Ultimate Challenge Apocalyptic Wonderland: late February in Tacoma. Photograph and posterization by Loren Bliss © 2019. * TO (MOMENTARILY) DUCK the shrapnel already ensuing from the issues implicit in the above typography, I feel obligated as a writer and editor to explain (or perhaps confess) that this is the first time I have ever written the headline before I knew exactly what the story might say. Magic? No, nothing so exotic; merely an exceptionally telling... Continue reading
Posted Feb 24, 2019 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
PERVERSELY CURIOUS AS to how long Facebook's overtly Neoliberal, incipiently ChristoNazi censors might allow it to remain up, I posted the following to the Tacoma Communist Labor Party's FB site a few minutes ago: THE END: Facebook's censors locked me out of this page for the past five days, thereby destroying the day-to-day connection and relationship between FB and my blog, Dispatches from Dystopia. Obviously I can no longer trust FB to carry any genuinely relevant news; the first report it suppressed last Wednesday (30 January 2019) was "If the Supreme Court Doesn't Stay a Louisiana Law Next Week, Roe... Continue reading
Workers -- Not Politicians -- Saved Us from Shutdown/Lockout; Grief Intensifies Our Fight for Mother Earth; Dogs Gather Vital Eco-Data TO START, FORGET all the politicians-as-saviors/"change-we-can-believe-in" bullshit the Mainstream Media Propaganda Machine and at least one of its reformist counterparts is excreting about how the latest effort to drown the federal government in a bathtub was finally ==================================================== Important note: news reports formerly published weekly in Dispatches are now published daily on the Facebook page of the Tacoma (Harry Bridges) Chapter of the Communist Labor Party. Most are stories suppressed or downplayed by the Mainstream Media Propaganda Machine (MMPM), the... Continue reading
Posted Jan 28, 2019 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
No Matter Who Rules -- Democratic (sic) Party or Republican Party -- Deadly White Supremacy Is U.S. Imperial Policy at Home and Abroad ANOTHER EXTENDED WEEK of breaking news and time-consuming personal obligations again delays my work-in-progress on (the few) anti-Nazi Christians and once more makes for a somewhat abbreviated anthology of Dispatches: Viral footage of (white) teenagers mobbing a Native American man and his companions at Friday's Indigenous Peoples March is sparking outrage. In the video, the man—identified by Indian Country Today as Omaha elder Nathan Phillips—is seen singing ==================================================== Important note: news reports formerly published weekly in Dispatches... Continue reading
Posted Jan 21, 2019 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
I DO NOT RECALL any week in recent years with as many vital news reports and analytical essays as have appeared in our national media – Mainstream as well as Alternative – since 6 January 2019. Hence I will (again) set aside the story upon which I have been working – assembling documentation that a very few notably courageous Christians and Christian organizations are most assuredly not Nazis. Nor are they members of the vast legions of (mostly white Protestant) believers who support ==================================================== Important note: news reports formerly published weekly in Dispatches are now published daily on the Facebook... Continue reading
Posted Jan 14, 2019 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
DUE TO THE TIME and energy consumed by end-of-year, New-Year and first-of-month chores, this week's Dispatches will be short and to the point. Hence these five examples of human behavior as the United States and its Empire continue to disintegrate: Regime's Lockout/Enslavement/Shutdown Scheme Targets Entire 99 Percent The partial shutdown of the federal government is a major attack on the working class by the Trump administration. More than 400,000 federal workers are effectively locked out, furloughed without pay. Another 400,000 are engaged in compulsory labor without pay, ==================================================== Important note: news reports formerly published weekly in Dispatches are now published... Continue reading
Putin Regime Reanimates Tsarist Russia's Theocratic Hatred of Jews; Anti-Semitic Film Trotsky Encourages New Pogroms Much as T/P Regime Encourages New Plague of Racist, Sexist Violence (See Below) TO UNDERSTAND WHY the Neoliberals are murdering us and raping our Mother Earth to death -- and why the present government shut-down could become their deadliest short-term victory yet -- it is necessary to first acknowledge just how bottomlessly evil Neoliberalism truly is. And to do that it is necessary to actually read a few treatises on Capitalist economics. However I must confess this is a chore which for me is most... Continue reading
Posted Dec 31, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
So Is Our Species. And Neither Santa Nor Jesus Nor All the Wise Men Can Glue Humpty's Fragments Together Again THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA Propaganda Machine dares not acknowledge the symptomatic meaning of the ongoing series of governmental shutdowns that began during the Clinton/Gingrich feud. To do otherwise -- to acknowledge the federal government is now turned off and on and off again with exactly the same fuck-you moral imbecility its Capitalist owners demonstrate in wage cuts and factory closures -- the Josef-Goebbels wanna-bees who disseminate our daily doses of disinformation would have to at least hint that such events are... Continue reading
Posted Dec 23, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
But Can They Overthrow the Monopolistic Tyranny and Post-Watergate Gentrification That Reduced Our Calling to Stenography? JUST AS I PREDICTED -- often in the face of (entirely rational) skepticism -- a few present-day members of the working press, broadcasters included, are beginning to rediscover the moral imperative of our calling, which in my day defined not only the best reporters and editors but the best newspapers and magazines and broadcast journalism. It is however to our greatest national and professional shame this renaissance and resurrection did not obtain until it was goaded into being by the ChristoNazi conquest of the... Continue reading
Posted Dec 16, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
With One Possibly Inspiring Environmental Report at the Very End HAMSTRUNG BY CONVERGENCE of geriatric disability and the increasingly severe punishments the Neoliberal (NeoNazi) United States inflicts on those of us it wants to exterminate -- i.e., people of color, old folks like myself, LGBTQ people, allegedly "uppity" women, disabled people however young or elderly, non-Aryan whites, impoverished people (again like myself), anyone else deemed either undesirable or insufficiently profitable or both -- this week's Dispatches will be hastily assembled but cynically outspoken as always. Yes I am sick yet again -- this time it's cellulitis, a chronic infection in... Continue reading
THE MOST INSURMOUNTABLE challenge for those of us on the Real Left in the United States today is figuring out how to convince the profoundly brain-warped electorate to discard the false notion that all government is tyranny. By endlessly repeating the Big Lie that government is the ultimate barrier to human progress, the Capitalists and their Madison Avenue vassals have perfected what is undoubtedly our species' most enduringly effective barrier against socialist revolution and even New-Dealish reform. And until we the people are somehow miraculously purged of the now-reflexive majority belief in this relentlessly conditioned and ultimately paralyzing falsehood, both... Continue reading
New Research Proves Most U.S. Whites Are Already Incurably Nazified SOME READERS SCOFF at my oft-repeated assertion the Pew Foundation's post-Katrina polling is definitive proof fully 77 percent of the white Christian U.S. electorate is at least tacitly racist. But now my 77-percent estimate is confirmed by a new study that defines the U.S. as probably the most viciously racist nation since Nazi Germany. Hence – because the white Christian hatred of Jews and people of color is the epicentral malevolence of Nazism – I believe it entirely accurate to refer to these homegrown (and NEWS REPORTS formerly published weekly... Continue reading
Posted Nov 25, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
Five New Examples Prove the Futility of Efforts to Reform Capitalism; Before We Go There, Let Us First Embrace the Legacy of Alex Hyland Alex Hyland, as talented a teacher as ever lived, demonstrates the heartfelt patience that should inspire us all. (Photo by Loren Bliss © 2017) ***** THE DEATH OF Alex Hyland, the most instinctively skillful teacher I have ever met, leaves a painful gap in the lives of all of us who knew him. It also leaves a gaping tear in the fabric of life itself. I don't recall exactly when I was introduced to Alex save... Continue reading
Posted Nov 19, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
How Belief in a Hereafter Fosters Suicidal Abandonment of the Now THE SADDEST, MOST TRAGIC element within human consciousness is its uncanny and ultimately self-destructive penchant for seducing us into believing in what the god-peddlers and heaven-hucksters and Prosperity Gospel indulgence-pushers call “eternal life.” For it is that delusion -- that and none other -- that has doomed our species by convincing it of the ultimate Big-Lie rationalization for doing nothing whatsoever to improve human life on earth, merely because “there's a better land a-waiting in the sky.” Thus the monstrous falsehood of “eternal life” becomes the excuse for every... Continue reading
Posted Nov 12, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
THIS YEAR'S FLU vaccine is obviously useless -- I got the shot back in September -- but it provided me no protection at all. Given the nature of Evangelical Nazism, I cannot but wonder if weakened or useless vaccine is yet another of the Trump/Pence Regime's methods of back-door genocide. Or if it is just another typical rip-off by the Capitalists: minimum quality -- or more likely nonexistent quality -- for maximum price. Ain't it wonderful to live in a realm where nothing -- absolutely nothing -- is trustworthy anymore. And -- yes -- I may yet have to be... Continue reading
Our Fight for Survival Goes Beyond Proletarians Versus Plutocrats; It Is Now a Doomsday War between Humanitarians and Moral Imbeciles THE MARXIAN CONCEPT of class struggle was for many decades our most powerful tool of consciousness-raising and liberation. It was understandable enough -- and therefore compelling enough -- to encourage widespread rebellion in the 19th Century and to fuel successful revolutions in the 20th Century. It also terrified the Capitalists into allowing a number of social-democratic reform movements as well -- the New Deal most assuredly included. But now in the 21st Century -- ironically just as We the People... Continue reading
Posted Oct 29, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
But -- Probably Due to Political Considerations (See Below) -- Not Even NRA Dares Fight This Super-Sneaky Forcible-Disarmament Ploy THE BAD NEWS is buried in the official Initiative 1639 text, Page 8, first paragraph: "The purchaser shall be given a copy of the department of fish and wildlife pamphlet on the legal limits of the use of firearms and firearms safety and the fact that local laws and ordinances on firearms are preempted by state law and must be consistent with state law." Washington state uses such strike-throughs to show which parts of present-day laws legislators or voters are targeting... Continue reading
Posted Oct 24, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
U.S. Freedom Dies Forever as Republicans and Democrats Weaponize Reagan's Biggest Big Lie into Our One "Self-Evident" National Truth Meanwhile Reality Compels Another Dispatches Format Change NO, GOOD PEOPLE, ELECTIONS cannot restore humanitarian governance to the United States. Not now. Not ever -- not as long as our candidates are all chosen by our Capitalist overlords. Yes, our most recent betrayal by the Democratic (sic) Party is obviously intended to help the Republicans by minimizing voter turnout next month. It's other purpose is tightening the already deadly ChristoNazi stranglehold on the national judiciary. Now the only truly motivated voters will... Continue reading
Posted Oct 15, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
Kavanaugh Finalizes the Boiled-Frog Coup Begun by JFK Murder; Without the Court's Protection, We the People Are Naught but Slaves (The following is not how I had intended to resurrect Dispatches after its post-injury hiatus. But the end of the United States as we knew it is a pivotal story that demanded immediate response.) ***** THE CHRISTONAZI CONQUEST of the United States Supreme Court means a vengefully white-supremacist, vindictively misogynistic third of the homeland population now rules the Empire for its Capitalist masters. Like chain-gang guards or plantation overseers, these lavishly funded fanatics will try to lord it over all... Continue reading
JesuNazi Control of the Courts Condemns Us All -- Especially Women and Minorities -- to the Unimaginable Horrors of Christian Theocracy Where Then Do We Go from Here? What Options Remain? FUCK IT; DAMN me as a "defeatist" if you like, but I'll no longer hide my hopelessness or despair. Severely disabling injuries of the sort I have suffered twice this year can sometimes clarify one's thinking, purging it of distractions that obscure the ultimate (and therefore ultimately damning) truths of this uniquely apocalyptic age of absolute human hopelessness: the undeniable and infinitely terrifying fact the extinction of our species... Continue reading
On "The Famous Flower of Serving Men" and the Folk Revival That Birthed the '60s Counterculture and Called Back the Great Goddess (Photographs referenced below are here and here.) YES I HAVE BEEN GONE a long time, and yes there are more changes in Dispatches forthcoming, changes I will announce in another week or so, as soon as I have thought them to completion. Meanwhile here at last with my apology for the unforeseen delay is the essay I promised Kate King in gratitude for her unusually knowledgeable You Tube comment about "The Famous Flower of Serving Men" -- an... Continue reading
Posted Aug 16, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
This Lucrative Obamanoid Gift to the Already Obscenely Wealthy Is Alone Sufficient Proof to Forever Damn the Democrats as Betrayers YEAH, I'M BACK, but not -- as I shall explain in a subsequent posting -- as I had originally planned to be. I had promised readers on another website I'd complete an essay on the pagan, anti-patriarchal origins of the Scots ballad "The Famous Flower of Serving Men," which I will indeed do, and I will finish another recently begun essay addressing the unique psychological circumstances -- specifically the subjugated fatalism one might expect to find were our planet nothing... Continue reading
Posted Jul 18, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
Because I'm a dyslexic -- severe dyslexia at that -- I have always had problems with balancing. I could not walk until I was nearly two, and even then, walking was invariably accompanied by a terrible fear of losing my balance, falling on my face and and thereby maximizing my unattractiveness, from mildly ugly to genuinely grotesque. Of course that fear went away -- the more I walked, the less I felt it -- and I was free of it well before my fifth year. But now in old age it has risen to terrify me again. I'm 78; I've... Continue reading
Posted Jun 24, 2018 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia