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Loren Bliss
Pacific Northwest (In permanent exile from Manhattan)
Editor/writer/photographer/explorer of the human condition
Interests: sociology, history and metaphysics -- class struggle, gender conflict and the eco-human crisis; objective analysis: iconoclasm, violation of taboos, destruction of shibboleths; indicative absurdities and grotesques; laughter and the sensuality of thinking; macrocosms and microcosms of being; in short, real life -- typically as viewed from the seemingly contradictory but ultimately consonant (and often symbiotic) perspectives of Marxism and pagan agnosticism.
Recent Activity
Fearing Revolution, the Plutocrats Unite for Class War against Legal Gun Owners, Retaining the 2nd Amendment as Propaganda but Imposing Prohibitive Fees and Taxes, Thus Redefining Self-Defense as the Exclusive Privilege of Our Masters and Their Collaborators *** Still Doubt the DemoPublicans' Back-Room Unity? Read On *** Plus See Below for DfD's Long-Promised New Monthly Format WHAT I HAVE ASSEMBLED here is hitherto obscured but nonetheless compelling proof the Trump/Pence Regime -- secure behind its ever more crippling effluent of Nazi-style Big Lies and other Josef-Goebbels-type deceptions -- is so terrified by the intensifying likelihood of socialist revolution, it is... Continue reading
Posted Feb 16, 2020 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
Condemning All Environmentalists as "Pagan Barbarians," a Leading Fascist Journal Damns Greta as a New "Joan of Arc," Thus Implicitly Threatening Her with the Martyr's Hideously Painful Death by Fire I MISSED THIS STORY when it broke last September because Wonkette -- the website that chose to ignore The Federalist's terrifyingly obvious lynch-mob agitation but otherwise scooped the world by sarcastically reporting that publication's potentially murderous accusations -- is unfortunately but justifiably disreputable for its identity-politics vindictiveness and is therefore almost never taken seriously by the Internet sources1 on which I am most dependent for my daily doses of relevant... Continue reading
Posted Jan 11, 2020 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
NO I DIDN'T STUTTER; yes I regard "impeachment" as an archetypal Neoliberal crusade, infinite noise and zero action, intended to preserve the ecogenocidal Big Lie of USian "democracy" by protecting the perpe-traitors whether governmental or cor-pirate while providing sufficient circuses to distract Moron Nation from its ever-worsening lack of bread whether edible or spendable. (For detailed elaboration of my views about impeachment -- which thus far is the Democratic (sic) Party's scam of the century -- go to comment threads here, here and here. ) Now on to an anthology of reports I recommend as essential to our understanding of... Continue reading
(For those unfamiliar with the Classical Greek-based term, a hoplophobe is what the late Jeff Cooper, a world-renown firearms and self-defense expert, came up with as an apt, more easily headlined synonym for "forcible-disarmament fanatic" -- a creature so hateful s/he is leaving us utterly defenseless in face of the accelerating apocalypse.) ***** I SUBMITTED THE following analysis to the comment threads of two Reader Supported News reports, never mind its conclusions should be slap-ourselves-on-the-forehead obvious to any USian in whom random chance has retained the abilities to unplug brain from cellphone and see beyond the serial mind-warping perpetrated by... Continue reading
Posted Nov 29, 2019 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
(Thus the Powell-Memo/Ayn-Rand Moral Imbecility That Perpetuates 'American Exceptionalism' Dooms Us All to Ecogenocidal Extinction) CRADLE-TO-GRAVE AYN RANDIFUCATION -- maliciously seductive conditioning in the principles of Mein Kampf1 and the Powell Memo that make tyranny fun and profitable for the plutocrats and inescapably deadly for all the rest of us -- has become the sole determinant of the quality of life in today's United States. This remains the one pivotal truth of our existence no matter how frantically we might try to ignore or deny the skyrocketing horrors of its obvious results, a frog-boiled compound of deliberately ruinous afflictions that... Continue reading
Posted Nov 15, 2019 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
(Which I Re-Post Here in Hope They'll Help Shape Our Responses) AGAIN, THOUGH I had not planned on writing anything more in this space for probably another month, some breaking stories demand attention well beyond the aggrieved but fleeting glances by which we now routinely (and often suicidally) try to defend ourselves against the horrors they expound. Why pay these disturbing reports additional heed? Because most come from the alternative press, which means they received little or no coverage in the so-called "mainstream press" owned and operated by our overlords, the privately-owned for-profit successor to Josef Goebbels' Ministry of Public... Continue reading
Posted Oct 16, 2019 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
WHEN I FINALLY ABANDONED my effort to make Dispatches a weekly news site and decided instead to retain its title but post only when events and (dwindling) creative impulses so demanded, my notion was I'd normally write maybe one post per month -- unless of course some breaking story required the 21st Century online equivalent of an Extra. (Yes I am old enough to remember when newsboys -- and very occasionally newsgirls -- hawked papers on the street: "Extra, Extra, read all about it...") (No, not "just like in the movies"; "exactly as in what used to be real life"... Continue reading
(Smoke from Embers in the Burn-Barrel of My Late Career) A WORDS-AND-PICTURES JOURNALIST since 1956 -- variously a stringer; newspaper staff-member; city editor; news editor; picture editor; editor-in-chief; freelancer; unpaid volunteer editor-in-chief; blogger; etc. -- I have witnessed the initial success and the eventual failure of every humanitarian movement that has arisen in this nation since the New Deal began our tragically short-lived socioeconomic restoration eight years before I was born. And having seen what I have seen, I cannot but acknowledge what to many is an unpalatable -- literally unspeakable -- truth: that the USian Left is -- sadly... Continue reading
Posted Sep 28, 2019 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
Meanwhile Let Us Admit Our Conditioned Hatred of Government Is an Insurmountable Barrier to Saving Ourselves from Extinction QUITE SIMPLY, NO people who have been taught by their extended individual and collective experience to regard government and bureaucracy and bureaucrats and politicians with near-universal hatred, contempt and infinite (yet utterly rational) distrust -- precisely as we the people have been taught by the bipartisan malevolence of of Neoliberalism -- can ever achieve anything even remotely resembling the socialism essential to rescue our species from extinction and save our Mother Earth from reduction to a bug planet. Why? Because in the... Continue reading
Posted Aug 21, 2019 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
BRUCE DIXON, managing editor and co-founder of Black Agenda Report, the only Leftist publication on this planet I regularly applaud and salute in near-total agreement, was slain by cancer 28 June 2019 -- another devastating loss of the sort that (as always) makes me wonder at this disease's apparent penchant for targeting effectively radical activists throughout the United States. The italicized passages below are from Ann Garrison's eulogy for him in CounterPunch, an informative piece I urge you to read in full. Likewise the two selections from Black Agenda Report itself: (...) A year ago, after the Left Forum, he... Continue reading
My 25-Year Address Book, the Dispatches Mailing List Included, Is Gone Forever. Government Malice? Undoubtedly. But Fuck the One Percenters and Their Vassals, Fuck Their Blood-Drenched Flag and Fuck the God of Genocide They Serve. I'll Be Back If I'm Able. OBVIOUSLY THIS IS the climax of the attack that began last December with repetitive efforts to max out my credit cards by fraud (which destroyed forever -- literally, because I will not live another seven years -- the credit I had been meticulously rebuilding since my 2008-2009 loss of nearly 70 percent of my annual income). As we all... Continue reading
Posted Jun 19, 2019 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
(The following, by People's World Editor-in-Chief John Wojcik and reprinted in full therefrom, would be a vital goading of our increasingly censored historians under any circumstances, but now -- with the ChristoNazis and their fascist allies openly tyrannizing the entire planet -- the oft-suppressed truth the Red Army saved the world from Hitler and the Original Nazis is more relevant than ever. The historical photographs that illustrate Comrade Wojcik's superb essay are viewable here. ~ LB/6 June 2019) * ON THE 75th Anniversary of D-Day today, there are ceremonies honoring the American heroes who landed on the beaches of Normandy... Continue reading
MY SELECTIONS OF the dozen most relevant essays on the Internet recently (with capitalization as in the originals): Beware Trump's Sneak Attack on Social Security The US war drive against Iran and the conflict with Europe and The U.S. Has Been Eclipsed in Every Sphere But War and Freedom Rider: U.S. Wages War Against the World (and anything else on Black Agenda Report). The Great Scandal: Christianity's Role in the Rise of the Nazis (A thank-you to tigerlille1 for sending me this link.) State Department to LGBT Married Couples: Your ‘Out of Wedlock’ Kids Aren’t Citizens America's Reproductive Slaves and... Continue reading
Posted May 21, 2019 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
Q: Why will there never again be Internet neutrality in the United States? A: Because it is Moron Nation, the realm of the Moronic Majority, a people too brain-warped ignorant to protect themselves even from the most brazen thieves. --LB/21 May 2019 -30- Continue reading
Posted May 14, 2019 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
A TERRIFYING ASSAULT on my always-fragile finances by an ongoing plague of so-called "billing errors" combined with attempted thievery by alleged "fraudsters" tells me I am again a target of the extra-legal secret-police malevolence for which the United States is increasingly infamous. My alleged sin? I suspect it is writing about what should be obvious: that the only possible reason the One Percenters are not fighting climate change is they are weaponizing it as the plausibly deniable mechanism of their ultimate Final Solution: reshaping the remnants of human society into a global concentration camp with themselves as commandants, guards and... Continue reading
Posted Apr 29, 2019 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
I HAVE BEEN researching, writing and editing Dispatches from Dystopia and its predecessor Outside Agitator's Notebook since the first week in October 2009. But the only lesson I am able to glean from that 108-month effort is, "why bother?" I had hoped my work would be -- as it sometimes was during the 30 years I worked as an award-winning member of the editorial staffs of various newspapers and magazines and as a longtime stringer for United Press International -- a progressive influence. But I was never able to come up with a format fetching enough to empower either of... Continue reading
Posted Apr 23, 2019 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
Jailing of Journalist for Exposing Poisonous Depth of U.S. Corruption Forever Nullifies the Pivotal 1734 Peter Zenger Case, Again Revealing "American Democracy" as Our Species' Most Self-Destructive Big Lie THE PERSECUTION OF JULIAN ASSANGE reduces to used toilet paper the Peter Zenger verdict, the pivotal 1734 finding by a British colonial jury that truth is always the ultimate defense against prosecution for seditious libel. And that's just one of the many ways Assange's arrest lays bare the Big Lie of "American democracy." It also adds yet another chapter of atrocities to four centuries of damning evidence that would have long... Continue reading
Posted Apr 16, 2019 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
(Note: The socioeconomic and environmental Apocalypse is undeniably upon us. But the lies, deceptions and betrayals promulgated by the One Percenters and their minions no longer hide how -- in accordance with their shock-doctrine -- they are using the Apocalypse to impose the ultimate regime-change: the reordering of human society into Neoliberal utopia: Ayn Rand opulence for our masters, serfdom and slavery for the few selectively bred 99 Percenters they allow to survive. The following merely adds to the preponderance of evidence.) *** Please Read These Next 3 Reports (Even If You Read Nothing Else Herein) My recommendations as the... Continue reading
(With socioeconomic and environmental Apocalypse undeniably upon us, there is only one possible reason the One Percenters and their minions sabotage our every effort to cope with the crisis: they are exploiting it to maximize their wealth and power. Already they've reshaped human society to perpetuate their omnipotence, with serfdom and slavery for the few who survive their Final Solutions. Such is shock-doctrine Neoliberalism – the ideology designed to serve them even better in a post-apocalyptic future. To view their plans for the 99 Percent, visit a camp of homeless people -- and honor the dwellers therein as involuntary prophets... Continue reading
(With socioeconomic and environmental Apocalypse undeniably upon us, there is only one possible reason the One Percenters and their minions sabotage our every effort to cope with the crisis: they are exploiting it to maximize their wealth and power. Already they've reshaped human society to perpetuate their omnipotence, with serfdom and slavery for the few who survive their Final Solutions. Such is shock-doctrine Neoliberalism – the ideology designed to serve them even better in a post-apocalyptic future. To view their plans for the 99 Percent, visit a camp of homeless people -- and honor the dwellers therein as involuntary prophets... Continue reading
Posted Mar 25, 2019 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
There Is Only One Possible Explanation for the Denial, Dithering and maliciously scripted paralysis by which our Capitalist masters are relentlessly sabotaging every effort to counter the economic and environmental Apocalypse now so obviously upon us. The moral imbeciles of the totalitarian cabal we know as the One Percent are after all the de facto emperors of the world. Their shock-doctrine strategy and tactics are obvious both in their obscenely profitable exploitation of the climate crisis and their sadistic intensification of Neoliberal socioeconomic and political savagery. That is why their relentless combination of environmental obstructionism and genocide by austerity1 declares... Continue reading
Posted Mar 21, 2019 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
Imagine a Concentration-Camp Planet Ruled by a Hillary or a Trump. Unthinkable, Yes? But What Other Future Could They Be Planning? WHEN WE ANALYZE the indications as investigative reporters and intelligence analysts are taught to do, there is only one possible explanation for the denial, dithering and maliciously scripted paralysis by which our overlords sabotage every effort to counter the already-apocalyptic and soon-to-be-terminal climate crisis.1 No matter how I evaluate the evidence, I find it impossible to escape the conclusion our Capitalist masters long ago decided their "Final Solution" to all the world's problems is to allow the looming disasters... Continue reading
Posted Mar 18, 2019 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
Climate Change Reveals the Patriarchal Gods as the Deadliest of Demons; the 1% Perpetuates the Crisis to Impose Shock-Doctrine Tyranny; Our Mother Earth Issues Her Ultimate Challenge Apocalyptic Wonderland: late February in Tacoma. Photograph and posterization by Loren Bliss © 2019. * TO (MOMENTARILY) DUCK the shrapnel already ensuing from the issues implicit in the above typography, I feel obligated as a writer and editor to explain (or perhaps confess) that this is the first time I have ever written the headline before I knew exactly what the story might say. Magic? No, nothing so exotic; merely an exceptionally telling... Continue reading
Posted Feb 24, 2019 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia
PERVERSELY CURIOUS AS to how long Facebook's overtly Neoliberal, incipiently ChristoNazi censors might allow it to remain up, I posted the following to the Tacoma Communist Labor Party's FB site a few minutes ago: THE END: Facebook's censors locked me out of this page for the past five days, thereby destroying the day-to-day connection and relationship between FB and my blog, Dispatches from Dystopia. Obviously I can no longer trust FB to carry any genuinely relevant news; the first report it suppressed last Wednesday (30 January 2019) was "If the Supreme Court Doesn't Stay a Louisiana Law Next Week, Roe... Continue reading
Workers -- Not Politicians -- Saved Us from Shutdown/Lockout; Grief Intensifies Our Fight for Mother Earth; Dogs Gather Vital Eco-Data TO START, FORGET all the politicians-as-saviors/"change-we-can-believe-in" bullshit the Mainstream Media Propaganda Machine and at least one of its reformist counterparts is excreting about how the latest effort to drown the federal government in a bathtub was finally ==================================================== Important note: news reports formerly published weekly in Dispatches are now published daily on the Facebook page of the Tacoma (Harry Bridges) Chapter of the Communist Labor Party. Most are stories suppressed or downplayed by the Mainstream Media Propaganda Machine (MMPM), the... Continue reading
Posted Jan 28, 2019 at Loren Bliss: Dispatches from Dystopia