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A tweet from @JustinLevy brought me here. I just finished the second #Newsroom episode and I would agree with you that there are may be some tips for #PR and others courting the media. Thanks for leading me to the Huffington Post review of the show. It's based on 4 episodes so I tried not to read too much of it but it was interesting. After working as an executive in Japan for 20+ years, I have a different perspective on women's issues. You mentioned that you worked in Japan in your article which attracted my attention. I enjoy meeting people who spent time there. Actually I worked in Japan in two tours with a break between them from from 1991 to late 1993 (in LA/NYC). I looked at your LinkedIn and see you were there April 1987 - August 1993. My first tour I was buried pretty deep inside the Japan machine, mastering Japanese, distribution etc. Although I did join the Foreign Correspondents Club in 1990 - so we might have attended some things at the same time there. Sorry we didn't meet then but hope we'll have some opportunity in the future. Perhaps at a conference.
Really nice stance. He looks great.
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2010 on Rawley's first visit to the dog park at Dogged Blog
Fabulous presentation Stowe! I'm glad that I was there at #140conf to hear it in person. I am thankful to have it captured here.
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