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You probably just saw a snapshot of why the company you met with is less than successful or could be more successful. Senior management is NOT sharing direction so very frequently the technical implementers are using the only business knowledge they know - via its technical aspects. I bet "The Contrast is Stunning" within the company as well. I am a senior engineer for a large company (5000+) employees. We are expanding a division with various new applications, new networks, new staff. I read about it in the local newspaper first. I hope they know how many blinky lights they need before they tell us what we are supposed to build. After 20 years of working in the public and private sector I am sad to report most employers have an inability to share direction or corporate needs from the top to the bottom. It's not that we can only see problems in 1Gb/sec or multimode vs singlemode, its that that is the only view you present us; we have no idea of what your strategic direction or needs are so we think within the limited box we know. Must be fast and reliable, why we don't know. We're not competitors - let us in on the secret ok ?
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Wans't funny then, won't be funny now. Sure there are some people who find him funny. So's the guy at the Dennys at 2 in the morning.
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In many states in the US she could have taken the child to the nearest hospital/fire dept/police station without an issue. She just went further. According to TV the child was from an alcoholic mother and likely had fetal alcohol syndrome. This information was shared at adoption time the Russians say. If those of you who are commenting have experience with FAS your writings may have some validity - otherwise , not really. You are not familiar with the issues FAS children have. Mile in her foot steps folks. I bet she would have willingly let you try to do better.
Any chance the type of NIC used is available ? To see if it does TOE offloading for iSCSI ?
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If the trial even were to start in NYC - you would have to be crazy to think that the defense would not have a 100% likelihood of bringing up a change of venue. Like ... how in NY does not know what happened OR hasn't seen these folks ?
Take a look at Mr. Krugmans editorial from a few days back. I'll attach it here to make it easy. 79% of Massachusetts favor the "obama-care" type of insurance plans they have. 79% ... Thats a hell of a majority. ============================ October 22, 2009, 3:32 PM The irreversibility of reform Aha. Somehow I missed this poll of Massachusetts residents on the state’s health-care reform. Interesting and important stuff. What you need to know here is that Mass. is widely regarded as an example of how not to do reform: it’s a cobbled-together plan, with inadequate funding and poor cost controls. Conservatives have claimed that the plan is deeply unpopular — basing their views on, yes, a Rasmussen poll. Liberals have held up Massachusetts as a cautionary tale: pass a reform that isn’t really good, and the public will turn sour on the whole thing. But what the poll actually finds is that public support for the plan is holding up pretty well, given the political environment. And what’s really telling is this finding: The poll found that 79 percent of those surveyed wanted the law to continue, though a majority said there should be some changes, with cost reductions cited as the single most important change that needs to be made. Only 11 percent of state residents favored repealing the law, similar to last year’s finding. What this suggests is that the really important thing, for reformers, is to get the principle of universality established. Once that happens, there’s no going back.
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Mr. Small, I wonder how you can even ask if the existing people of your existing party - c`mon over to the "D" side ... we really do like all - are in any way looking out for the interests of anyone other than themselves- party included. Did you see the article this morning on the 3 crazies who want to make a constitutional amendment allowing Kansas to not have to offer medical care insurance to their citizens ... What a hoot. And you think Mr. Moore is not looking out for us ? those town hall meetings were a ruse to get tv time by whack jobs - did you go to one ? Didn't think so, you seem well tempered and enployeed
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