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Oh, right, and all of this witless self-aggrandizing elitist prattle reminds me of IRC 10 years ago. Maybe you should be trying to enjoy life instead of shitting on everyone else? Ah, like someone mentioned above - pot, kettle, black. Why do you come here and whine and "shit on everyone" instead of enjoying your life? But more than that, I have to reply to this "elitist prattle"-bit. What you've seen here, SkepticalOfSkeptics, is people replying to faulty lines of reasoning with scientific arguments. I have no idea what's either elitist or prattle about that. But it is something I hear a lot nowadays... People are so happy to take advantage of what science and scientific thinking have brought. They happily live their long, mostly pain-free lives with the help of modern medicine. They use advanced electronics to be constantly entertained and constantly in contact with all of the world. They travel through the air and look at pictures from deep space. They use their GPS. And normally they don't complain about any of the science that led to all of those wonderful advances. But as soon as their favorite woomeister is being argued against, all scientifically minded people are suddenly nothing but "prattling elitists." Get a clue. It's not elitism to argue for proper science. There is such a thing as real science that follows the scientific method, and it's very different from non-scientific woo. Real science has brought you the modern world, but it is under attack by those who defend the woo. And if you're wondering, I'm a very happy atheist.
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