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As with much of what of modern day mass commercial entertainment anything that's a step above the lowest common denominator (and Emerson and C&F were several steps above) is not long for this world. If you find yourself thinking "this television or radio program is just too damned clever for it's own good" then odds are it probably is too damned clever, at least for the boneheads in suits who sit in the corporate offices. Most of us don't listen to terrestrial radio for the music anymore. Partly because the music is boring and repetetive. Mostly it's because probably everybody owns some form of mp3 player and can listen to the music they really like when they really want. It's the personalities that draw us to the radio. Whether it be by design or simple fortune KUFO had three of the best , most interesting local jocks on their station this last couple of years. The cool thing about the station during that time was that it really felt like they were part of Portland and vice versa. Anything weird, fun or just plain different taking place in the Portland-Metro area would get support from Rick, Cort and Bobby. From the Midnight Movie, to the Rocking the Redshirts, to the Pirate Festival and on and on they built a community that was uniquely Portland-centric. A little geeky for some tastes? Welcome to Portland. You aren't going to come close to that with Marconi's mafia or rubber chickens. Worse; you've just told the commmunity, your listeners, that you think we're stupid. I do look forward to whatever the boys wind up doing in the near future but as for KUFO- it's dead to me. May they suffer forever in the Sarlacc Pit of Mediocrity.
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