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I came to this post by Roger Pearce's blog. As a budding paleographer, I must say that these are gorgeous manuscripts. Having them freely available is tremendous. ευχαριστω δε σοι!
Thanks for the thoughtful post. Your words challenge me!
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I really hope that eReaders and the Internet can transform Seminary training around the world. With a computer science degree in one hand and a seminary/religion degree in the other, maybe one day I'll get to contribute to it happening!
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FYI, the link to the list of the Ethiopian Orthodox canon is pointing somewhere on your local drive, so we can't get to it. Thanks for the collection!
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I'd like to review volume 5. How about the Epic of Gilgamesh?
Toggle Commented Oct 9, 2009 on Win a Free ZIBBCOT Volume to Review! at Koinonia