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I hate the be the bearer of bad news... SketchUp (at least as long as Google had control of it) has never been free for commercial use. You had to buy the Pro version to produce commercial work. The disclaimer might have been slightly buried in a larger terms agreement, but it was there and IT departments in large firms have been struggling with designers breaking the terms frequently. Pro means what it means. Which is why several years ago they disabled some of the export features in the non-Pro version. All that has happened is a name change, and he Pro version is a little more expensive, although still reasonably in the reach of anyone who wants to call themselves a 'Pro'.
Using Reporting parameters. You can filter the cases where the wall width a door sits in is less than 2" would be an easy way to eliminate toilet partiion doors from a schedule.
Awesome news. Had no idea the fix was already in my hand. This news will please a lot of project teams.
Toggle Commented Dec 16, 2010 on Palette and Element Creation at Inside the Factory
I would love to have more business cases for my shiny aluminum and glass wonder. The most important part of this workflow is, when offline, redlines are still able to be imported into Revit for the team to respond. Any port of Design Review on a mobile device has to be thought of from a different use case. A subset of features, with really good gestural controls, and the ability to quickly send snapshots or comments to an email would be helpful. As others have mentioned, offline use will be critical for remote jobsites, or international projects where 3G or WiFi is not available. When it is, connecting via remote desktop becomes more attractive anyhow.
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Harlan, These are a great explanation of how to achieve simple tasks and work well in the knowledge base. I especially like that you've used the focus zoom which makes it easy to view on a small device, like a mobile phone. In addition to the video, it would still be useful to have the steps spelled out in the article. Cheers, Sean
Toggle Commented Oct 13, 2009 on Some quick videos at The Revit Clinic
Yeah, these are usually referred to as a latte in The States. It's rare that you'll find anyone skilled enough to make one of those in a place like Las Vegas. Come to Seattle and I'll show you the best places to get your 'flat white'.
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