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i'm a cori, not short for anything, and it's rare that a stranger will actually spell it that way, though i'm seeing the spelling more often. it's most often cory or corey. though there was a bizarre period in middle school and high school that folks would do kori, kory, korie, and so on, adding an 'r' here, an 'e' there, and switch back to the 'c'. at least they didn't spell out the reference about me being "the girl cori".
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Jul 4, 2010
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Jul 4, 2010
thanks ladies, i really do feel blessed living here. and i agree with you Jachelle, there are definitely many gorgeous places all over the world. i've only had a chance to scratch the surface. :)
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isn't angela merkel germany's leader/chancellor?
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QUESTION TIME! PART 2 Where you live. 1. Where do you live? prince rupert, canada (northwest coast). 2. Is it a city, town, suburbs, countryside, beach, island, etc? it's a small city/town that's also on an island. the photo i posted is from near the top of the mountain that the city lies at the base of. 3. Could you tells us a little about your culture? being that it's the coast there's quite a diverse group of people here, that were attracted here because of fishing and logging, but since that's been scaled back it tends to be a fairly quiet port city. we're also predominantly influenced by first nations' people and culture. basically pretty laidback and tolerant of everyone, stereotypically canadian, eh. 4. Any strange and/or unique laws? i'm not really aware of unusual laws, but i'm sure there are some. 5. Do you have any national parks where you live? If so what are they? there aren't any official national parks in my immediate vicinity, but it's quite remote, underpopulated, undeveloped, and; therefore, quite pristine. 6. Who is your president and/or leader? *sigh* stephen harper 7. What are some of the games children play where you live? street hockey is pretty big, i dunno, running around in the bush, climbing things, goofing around, according to the kids i talk to. i watched a group of kids play baseball in an empty field where the ump was the back catcher, and the pitcher was also second base, that reminded me of being a kid. 8. Have you ever dreamed of living somewhere else? If so, where? i used to, and i've done my share of moving around, but at present i'm totally content to live here. i love travelling though, so i'd love to see many other places in the world, but return here because it's home. 9. Any foods that you would not find anywhere but where you live? it's found elsewhere, but the things people do with locally fished salmon, omg! i know lots of people that have smokehouses in their backyards and smoke salmon and cod. it's also lovely pickled and jarred. salmon jerky aka indian candy is divine, i once traded cookies for a couple of bags of the stuff. we're also lucky to have a fair supply of halibut, crab and shrimp. and a friend of mine once had the opportunity to try seagull eggs when she was visiting one of the local villages. she declined, but i must say, i was a bit curious. 10. Where is the best place to go out on a date where you live? the outdoors, definitely. then dinner & drinks at one of the waterfront restaurants. yep.
Jul 3, 2010
i teach preschool, and i'm sad to say that that colour scheming still goes on. i've learned to love pink, but be damned if i'd dress myself in it head to toe day after day, like some of my girls do, or rather have done (to them). i always encourage the kids to like whatever colour they like, and often hear myself say that "boys are allowed to like pink too". i love blue as a kid, but i find that green is most often what i'm drawn to now. and yellow, orange and red. but bold colours, i puke for pastels.
no spock or sylar for me, but i did dress up as a pirate today for my preschool's class party. my fake stubble was so worth it, their reactions consisted mostly of confusion, and then utter delight. how cute is it to have 2-4 year olds say "rrrrrrr matey" out of the corners of their mouths, and "hey you scurvy rats, if you don't behave, ye'll have to walk the plank!"? to hand out candy on hallowe'en night, i'm going to dress up as a big, yellow banana. i can't wait.
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i absolutely agree with you Raine, and i don't think you're being harsh at all, in fact, you said exactly what was on my mind, but put it in a less emotional way than i certainly would have.
wow, you're level headed kanbrown, that was definitely not my first response.
i love this. and i have that same marvin the martian, he was given to me by a great friend.
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oh geez, i wish i could hear what they were saying. i hope the play went well.
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"One of the things I like best about Zachary is his willingness to publicly support GLBTQ events, despite the potential risk to his career. That takes a lot of courage." though i can understand the courage it takes to stand up for the causes you believe in, i personally can't wait for the day when supporting groups that you don't necessarily belong to, but identify with, won't jeopardize your career or personal life.
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Name: cori Where are you from: northwest coast of canada Where do you live: ^ there House/apt/estate/castle? lol! : a very bright & cozy apartment, though i'd love to own a very bright and cozy house some day soon, so i can have a garden, as well as a house full of plants Where did you first really notice Zachary?: star trek, second viewing Favorite ZQ character: tie between spock & sylar/gabriel Favorite tv show: heroes has got me watching tv again, for an hour each week, at my sister's Favorite film: i love film, everything from the lion in winter to rosencrantz & guildenstern are dead, to y tu mama tambien to wall-e, to crounching tiger hidden dragon to the constant gardener, to eternal sunshine to lars and the real girl to the 1st stars wars trilogy to lotr, to sweeney todd to mamma mia, to amelie to the big lebowski... the list goes on & on Favorite flower: any variety of lilies, gerbera daisies, violets, and this unidentified orchid, possibily violet, variety i got as a gift Favorite beverage: water, coffee (either french press of soy lattes), red wine (most often shiraz, cab savs or a blend of the two) Your BFF: my sister trina, david, susan, annie, my parents Your favorite website: imdb, this one Favorite SciFi toy: no scifi toys at the moment, though i do love me some playmobile Favorite comic book: hothead paisan, calvin & hobbes, though i don't really read comics Favorite book: i'm more bookish, the stone angel, narziss and goldmund, no logo, orlando, lotr, jitterbug perfume, the house of leaves, cheri, the last samurai, sexual personae, wild swans, the toss of a lemon, the road to montevideo... to name a few Where is your dream destination?: i want to see the world from the back of my bike... i'd love to travel across my own country, then go back to europe, see australia & new zealand, india, japan, central america... that list is long too.
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i would love to do that! i've wanted to bungee jump for so long, and skydive... one of these days.
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what a great project to be involved with. like others have said, it really is admirable that zachary is doing something meaningful like this. i wish i could see it, but i'm on the wrong part of the coast.
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Oct 14, 2009
of course i'll be interested to see where zq's career takes him, whether he's working on heroes or not, he's such an engaging actor. and i'll support him whenever i can, i just hope that everything works out for the best.
being a particularly private person myself, i have nothing but respect, rather than curiosity, for other people's personal lives, regardless if they are in the spotlight or not.
dangnamit! just when i get into a show; and believe me it happens very rarely, i haven't owned a tv in 6 years, the people that make it go and do something to screw it up! i'd lament the loss of any character, i like them all, even the ones that i love to hate. hell, i even wonder if nathan's character isn't off somewhere waiting to be resurrected! grrrr, just grrrrr.
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fantastic! can't wait for the dvd!
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i'm loving it too, PhxGwen. the emotionality and complexity of the characters has always been very interesting to me. i'm sure i'll be very satisfied to watch the show this season, and especially when it's on dvd, so i don't have to wait for weeks to see the progression of the stories.
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that was a great scene. beautifully acted like you said. it went very nicely with emma's discovery that peter could see the colours of sounds too. i liked their little eyebrow exchange.
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i pre-ordered star trek the other day, and i'm really, really hoping that there are extras like this on it. they were great!