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Mr. Lawhern: does it matter what kind of world is imagined by those who predict the downfall of the Dollar's buying power? Nobody knows what's going to happen. But a lot of people have some very strong arguments, rooted in unprecedented facts - TRILLIONS of dollars printed in a very short amount of time, astronomically beyond any previous measure. Barring miraculously unpredictable intervention in previous cycles of cause and effect when large amounts of money are printed, the collapse of the Dollar is virtually inevitable. But no one knows, and beyond that knows what *might* take place with a (possibly) desperately weak Dollar. How would gold holdings empower people in such a situation? I've never heard the mechanics of that discussed - people simply forsaking printed money and bartering? Everything in US infrastructure is tied to paper money. No one knows what would happen, and they don't need to - all we need to know is that gold has thousands of years of history showing more durable spending power than vastly deflated fiat money.