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Great post K.
Thank you for addressing a question I have pondered. Recently, I asked a friend who manages a private equity firm if his industry was a "boy's club" after spending some time researching this industry. While this is apparent in VC firms, it seems even more so in private equity -- which raises another set of questions.I am glad to see that the idea of risk-averseness was thoroughly rejected early on in the comments. Like other commenters, I don't find it at all surprising that there are fewer women in venture capital given the strong "club" aspect. I don't suspect an inherent sexism in the industry, but rather a lack of incentive for resisting or challenging the status quo (initially created by the club) by those benefitting from it. I've noted that it is rare that a person who benefits from the status quo will initiate action to change it barring some sort of personal disruption or moral conviction.Now, that the industry appears to be in a state of disruption, I wonder if the reinvention process will open more entrance opportunities for women? It seems that some of the criticisms of the industry would be rectified by the inclusion of more women. For instance, would a female VC tend to develop a closer and more nurturing relationship with a portfolio company than a male counterpart? Would the proverbial "women's intuition" enhance the due diligence process?One way this issue might be addressed closer to the source is by involving a woman in the firm's recruitment efforts, both internally and for portfolio company management teams.
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