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Meg, All good tips - and you are so right that the 'overwhelm due to isolation coupled with period rejection' are issues that deflate job seekers. Other human beings -- especially those who truly show caring -- CAN boost job seekers' attitudes, compelling them to new levels of perseverance. We are NOT islands, and we must take care to nurture ourselves with positivity and resources outside of our online discussions and research. I also like how you advise job seekers to find a 'booster buddy,' but not to remain in a situation that turns into a pity party. Moving through job loss requires surrounding oneself ONLY with the most positive of people and resources - there is no room for negativity dwelling! Moreover, you and I both know, first-hand from helping job seekers, the value of career coaching services - I've witnessed YOUR helping job searchers land more quickly over the years, turning job loss into job victory! Thanks again for another heartfelt and pithy Career Collective contribution! Jacqui
Chandlee, What a great reminder about covering the basics first. Sometimes the temptation to put one's personal ingredients in their career recipe actually works against their goals. By following the recipe first before adding one's own seasonings, job seekers may actually enhance their career menu. Thank you for your excellent contribution to our first Career Collective effort. We look forward to many more such great articles! Jacqui
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