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Hi Steve, Enjoyed the read - glad to see somebody raising the issue. Thought I'd just raise a couple of extra points/perspectives to 'augment' your discussion. :-) In particular, just some thoughts on possible Open Source CMS packages, and also on the pros and cons of each approach. When it comes to Open Source, people typically think LAMP (Linux, Apache, mySQL, PHP) - but that needn't be the case. There's some great ASP/.NET solutions available as well, and if a smaller organisation has Microsoft-oriented staff and support/contractors, there could be a strong argument for leaning that way. Your readers might want to look at solutions like Umbraco or DotNetNuke as alternatives (I lean towards Umbraco for it's excellent architecture and robust code, but DotNetNuke currently has a larger community contributing plug-ins/modules). On the pros and cons front - I would have flipped your arguments around the opposite way. When you purchase a solution that is 'owned' by one vendor, you tend to be dependent on them because of the intellectual property rights and the inhouse knowledge of the product - if in the future you find that you're either dissatisfied with their levels of support, or they go belly up, you're basically up the creek without a paddle. Usually, your only alternative is to completely rebuild your site and migrate your content to another solution platform. By contrast, if you use an Open Source CMS, there's a huge community of developers worldwide who know the core product inside out and could come up to speed very quickly on your particular deployment of it. If your guy happens to jump ship, you just have to scout around for another person who's already worked with that product and you'll be able to get further work done to your site promptly. Furthermore, any one organisation could go out of business and it has no impact on your own site (unless of course they're providing the web hosting for you as well!). You're not tied in to hosting your site with the same company that develops it. And of course, because it is a CMS, you can continue to edit the content without the need of any technical skills, so the likely impact of not having your programming geek available in the short term is minimal.