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Rob, this is GREAT! The brain needs "downtime," time to reflect on new subject matter in order to process it and initiate memory formation. The concept of "white space" and its role in graphic design is a perfect analogy for this! I'm going to include a link to this in a future edition of "The Spectrum." Great work!
Toggle Commented Apr 19, 2010 on Teaching In The White Spaces at Education Innovation
Are you familiar with Thomas Sergiovanni's ideas on educational leadership (book: Moral Leadership)? His emphasis on community and shared values fits nicely with your thoughts on lateral innovation. Excellent thoughts! So often when I visit schools it seems like there's a covert war be waged—an "us vs. them" battle between teachers and administrators. More important things, such as innovating for improved teaching and student learning, often get pushed aside for silly things like who will control access to the construction paper. It's frustrating. Thanks for reminding us it doesn't have to be that way and that "working next to each other" produces better results.
Excellent info! Thanks for posting this helpful summary of the book TRUST AGENTS. The info is valuable and the presentation is excellent!