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Great post. In many of my previous positions the "economy" forced me to produce things I wasn't proud of. It drained me and made it expensive to work there. Eventually I left. I was reminded about this from the employee perspective just last night when I heard the line from the Bourne move, "Look at us... Look at what they make you give." As leaders, we need to examine what we reward. Thanks for the great reminder. Mike...
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Scott, thanks for the post. I guess we'll never get to the end of the polarization regarding leadership. It seems every few months someone else suggests the best leaders are the prison camp commandants or tyrants. One doesn't have to be a tyrant to hold their people or their children accountable to their best. That either/or approach justifies a lot of bad behavior. People and children who are not allowed to pursue their strengths eventually rebel or disintegrate. Thanks again.
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Nice post Reb. Somewhat along the same lines as my post on Unique Difference. We're all better when acting true to our own instincts. And it's difficult to find "experts" that are expert at helping you do your thing rather than helping you do what they think your version of there thing is. Way to go.