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I got my copy on the 21st, thanks to good relations with a store owner. :-) I chose Windows Pro, as I don't think I need the extra "stuff" - I can always upgrade later if I change my mind. I had been running RC1 (the release candidate) and rather than erase it as I'm supposed to, I found a trick on Google. I put the DVD onto the computer, where I had some space, editted one word in one file and started the install. It took about an hour and a half (4 500 gig drives and a 1 Terabyte drive!), restarted 3 times during that, and on the fourth restart it was up and ready. I had to reinstall the antivirus and firewall (Comodo), and everything else was perfect. I've been very pleased with it - it's a big improvement over XP, and also over Vista. It's even a bit better than the RC1 was! Cheers!
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2009 on How my Windows 7 installation went at Legacy News
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