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The suggested user list seriously does skew your chart (which is oddly missing the Chicago Tribune's @ColonelTribune with 680,000+ followers) -- However, your point about news organizations at the bottom of this list is right on. They should be doing more to actively promote their feed and gaining followers. My Web site has grown specifically because of Twitter & breaking news so I felt the need to chime in here. If I can gain 12,400+ followers in eight months, merely from posting quality content and breaking news, why can't traditional news organizations?
Toggle Commented Oct 20, 2009 on Twitter and Breaking News at Recovering Journalist
NAFSBUC, that's a low blow to the Digital Editing class at DePaul that I teach, infamously known as the "Twitter class." While yes Twitter is included in the course, Twitter itself is not what students get credit for. They get credit for doing research, connecting with and interviewing others, writing papers, compiling well-thought-out posts for a news site, and participating in a lively class discussion about social media and the real-time Web's impact on journalism. It is a very practical course offering students the opportunity to gain real-world skills that are worthwhile in an ever-changing communication age. Books are good too, and I'm not an advocate of dumbing anything down. Quite to the contrary! Let's use the power of the mind to engage in critical thinking and use these new technologies in proven, old ways. It is a journalism course, but we still do the journalism. Just thought I'd let you know! There's a lot of misconceptions about this course. Students don't "Tweet" as part of the class, they don't "Twitter" for credit...they do actual work and they're learning a lot too.