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people are so quick to judge someone but don't even know the whole story. Boom Bye Bye was written over 20 years ago, it was in response to a violent act of a man beating and raping a boy in the area. He hasn't performed that song in years. I wish those who oppose Jamaican music and Buju would listen to his other songs and stop reliving the past. He's such a positive person but everyone is hung up on that one song he did as a teenager. You live and you learn, let's try to embrace the good in people instead of HOLDING on to a bad thing. Jamaica isn't the only country with opposition to gays, it's a worldwide thing, people are different, with different views. All you can do is expect people to be tolerant and hopefully see past the differences. Everything the gay righst people are fighting against is the same thing they are doing to Buju, cancelling shows, calling him names. This eye for and eye behavior is blinding all of us. Where does it end. When will it end geez.
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