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This is a very interesting site. One thing other people might find mildly interesting- I can't take credit for this as it was suggested by a scientifically-minded friend- is that many illnesses go into sudden unexplained remission. This can happen with a lot of cancers, for example. So if a desperate individual is using a spurious remedy at the time, they will (totally understandably) link a sudden recovery with the 'drug'. I imagine this is where a lot of testimonials come from. There will always be just enough coincidental recoveries with any random item to gather together a very convincing case for the item, even when the writers of them were acting in sincere good faith. As for the manufacturers, it would be great if some people creating useless and irrelevent remedies would see how much damage their work causes and blow the whistle on some of their practises. It does almost seem as if some of these remedies have become a kind of new religion of sorts. If people were better educated about the chemical properties of these items it would do a lot of good. It's a pity there's so little reliable unbiased research on DIY remedies and the chemical properties and effects: it would sort out the plausible from the spurious and save people a lot of wasted time and worry.