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someone should ask for the cost breakdown for Birmingham city council's website. it must be something special to cost that much.
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Ha! you are so right, I thought it was just me that couldn't get my head around his shit but still liked the way he said it!
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2010 on zizek izit? at nevermind the bricolage
My gut feeling is that there would be insufficient knowledge of using pretty heavy old sewing machines for this to work. I wonder why they've gone for those rather than modern machines, which are generally easier to use. Also not sure coffee and sewing machines really go too well together..!
Toggle Commented Apr 19, 2010 on Sweat Shop Opens in Paris at Thriving too
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Great idea, I'd be really interested in doing this. I wonder if it will be popular.
Toggle Commented Apr 19, 2010 on Sweat Shop Opens in Paris at Thriving too
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I totally appreciate why you're doing this - gadzooks, it is hard to keep the head above water. But I'm struggling to see what benefit there would be to me to subscribe. I think I'm very unlikely to do so.
Toggle Commented Apr 4, 2010 on update at Wardrobe ReFashion
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Seems to me once again that the place of religion in common life is actually the antithesis of the gospel it claims to be proclaiming.
Personally, I'd like to examine the concepts put across by 'history-maker'. I'm not really sure I buy into the individualistic form of religion it expresses nor really like the notion of being a kill-joy when I don't want to participate in the twitter/facebook campaign. Seems to me it is just another example of pre-pubescent attention-seeking by a few individuals with nothing better to do with their time.
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2010 on Delirious for No1...please God No! at benedson
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Mmm. still doesn't explain why the launch was in London or why the RSA in particular was considered an appropriate organisation to run the project.
I am a co-op enthusiast as well, but I am really not clear of what they are suggesting the benefits of being a public service co-op would be over being a public service operation. Oh. I guess the benefits are that the public services are releasing their responsibility for public service costs/pensions/national wage negotiations. OK, but then I can't see much benefit from taking on the responsibilities which come from being a member of said co-operative. I wonder who they're intending will be prepared to take on these roles and how they're planning to make sure they understand what they'll be getting themselves into.
I'm increasingly thinking that 'good'-ness is not much of a selling point. I know it goes against conventional wisdom, but I think you're unlikely to wow many potential customers just on the basis of how ethically pure you are (mostly because these ethical claims are so easy to unpick if you really feel bloody minded). So, in my investigations into farmshops (and farmers markets), I find that people are more interested in the 'idea' of rural-food-products-in-a-rural-setting than actually investigating some long speel about why this particular product is so marvellous. So those who are highly-ethical-but-crap-marketing achieve less than those who are normal-but-good-marketing. In terms of a CSA, I'd think you need to focus on something beyond the 'we're-so-ethical-because-of-our-co-operative-anti-capitalist-stance'. Or a social enterprise needs to advertise why their product is great rather than 'feel-sorry-for-us-because-we're-a-social-enterprise'.
Interesting - I don't have time to look at the presentation just now, but would think that the problem is that it actually is not a normal marketing issue. Most greenies who are into CSA are not going to be very impressed with the normal arguments for using a product. Seems to me that there is a lot more in common between a social group or church and a CSA - rather than a producer-consumer paradigm. Mmm lots to think about there.