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Fun stuff! It is such a blast to be in those small planes. I helped a friend out one time and did this, and it was my first time in a plane (period), and I will never forget it. Sounds like a great cause, too - - glad you guys busted 'em. Peter
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2009 on Up and away! at Field notes and late night rambing
Jonathan, Great set! I really like the film frames, and your lighting is awesome! You really nailed the period-styles well. I've been dreaming up some lighting possibilities and locations to do some period pieces with my girlfriend. We did some tests a while back, using only what she had, which I think turned out quite fun. She's very drawn to the '20s-'40s, while I'm very drawn to timelessness and exploring, which sounds a lot like you and your wife. Here's the link to my shots, if you're interested: Peter