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Not that PTC has fully embraced granularity in the way that you have described it, but it seems like PTC's repackaging of its CAD products (a la Creo) is moving in the direction you've described. I agree that it would be fascinating to see a "Share" menu in a CAD system. I too doubt that it will happen soon, but it would be neat. Nice article, Ralph.
Matt and Austin - thanks for the post. Its nice to know what is on the mind of the people defining the future of engineering and design tools. I couldn't agree more with Austin's point about the different types of clouds. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people have misunderstood their options since SolidWorks started talking about leveraging cloud technologies. I recently put together a blog post about some of the cloud computing options that are less well known: Since that post, one of Dassault's customers has shown exactly how the community cloud concept can work. Celestica introduced a Dassault-based cloud solution for the electronics industry that highlights how industry or community-specific clouds can provide a unique new benefit that hasn't existed on the market to date. I hope more examples like this will become public so that people can see how cloud computing is about options, not about vendors trying to take control of their customers' data.
Good stuff, Matthew and Jon. I think fear is going to continue to be a big part of the "engineering on the cloud" discussion, at least in the near term. But I think there are two elements of fear to be discussed, and Jon brings both points up here. This made me think on the subject enough to spawn a blog post of my own: I like the analogy of using a bank vault versus a safe in your closet at home – nice one.
Austin, as you say, there are a lot of questions about "CAD-on-the-cloud," not the least of which is data security. I don't know how you're planning to address that one, but I am hopeful that you're looking at some of the answers already out there today around private clouds and community clouds. I put some thoughts together on this topic, because I also think there is too much FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) about intellectual property security on the cloud. My more complete thoughts on this subject, the basics of private and community clouds, and how PLM will benefit from cloud computing can be found here.
Nice article, Justin. I know what you mean about "better late than never." Daniel Rohats just published an article on the EPDM Task Tool. I think this functionality will be great for Enterprise PDM users, particularly those that need to connect with other systems and share a PDF or other neutral file with the rest of the enterprise. You can find Daniel's article (with a few additional screenshots of the Task Tool interface) here:
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Eric - I agree. I think the Artizone announcement is good news and is evidence that Dassault plans to support SmarTeam for years to come. There are much simpler ways to kill software products if that was their goal. I have further thoughts on the subject here:
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