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I'm trying to figure out what I could possibly sue Netflix for, that would not require small claims court. Unless they did something extremely evil.....
It never stopped working for me. So no.
This is a non issue. My plan went up $1. That used to happen every week when I had cable.
No Android love?
It's ten bux people. And ya, it has ads. Cable was free for ya because of all those ads they had? Somebodies gotta pay for the content. Sign me up :^)
Yes Ellen. He was lip syncing. That was apparent when he stopped singing, and all you could hear was his backup singers. The absence of his actual voice was no indication that it was actually him singing. In fact, when he got mad at himself for riffing and not preserving his voice for the concert, he must have been REALLY lip syncing at that point. Please post a scan of your ticket so we know you actually went to see the movie please. Mmmkay? /sarcasm. I just saw the movie today, and loved it. I had not had anything to really do with MJ for the past 10 years or so, but decided to reacquaint myself with his works after his death. The man I saw in the movie was an artist and a professional. And by the end of the movie, I was hooked, again. There is a reason he is as celebrated as he is, and he ain't called the King of Pop for nothing.
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That seals it for me. Was deciding to get this or a Blu Ray player, and the extra content, especially Leo, is what I want. I barely watch regular DVD's now. Roku, here I come.