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Aliza, I agree that many agencies - and consultants - overcharge. For instance, I was shocked a couple of years ago to learn of a "Facebook guru" who charged $5,000 for a multi-week course on how to use Facebook. And there were people who paid that, participated, and later realized they'd ... well, overpaid. There are the Brogans of the world who like to monetize everything under the sun, including a trip to the bathroom (when possible). Bottom line, people are going to charge whatever the market will bear. Whether they are "reputable" consultants, agencies or anything in between. It's incumbent upon the consumer, as always, to understand caveat emptor. Know what you're being asked to pay and how it compares to what others charge for the same - or similar services. If you're shopping for a new car, you do the homework, why doesn't the same apply to services like those that you're discussing? Don't misunderstand - I'm not disagreeing with you that there are agencies - and PEOPLE out there who are grossly overcharging consumers. But the bottom line is that that's capitalism. That's our society. And consumers should understand that just because they're working with an agency (to use your example), it doesn't absolve them of the common sense need to understand the SOW they are contracting for and what others in the space charge fot the same or similar services. This isn't all about agencies being the bad guys. We're an agency and charge very fair fees for a wide variety of services. And yes, there are other agencies - AND consultants and "social media experts" who have no marketing experience whatsoever, who often charge more - and deliver less - than we do. At the end of the day, it makes sense, always, to understand what you're buying. And what a standard, going rate is, for whatever it is you need. I think it's important for consumers to understand their own role in the pricing equation - because it's really an important one. A good post always inspires thought - thanks for that. Shelly @shellykramer
Hi Scott, Great post - and I agree! However, I will say that, for me, social mediums help me become MORE connected. Interaction in the social media world ultimately, for me, leads to email, or phone calls, or text messages or, the ultimate, a meeting in real life. I can't even begin to count how many amazing friends that I now am blessed with (yourself included) whom I would not have known had it not been for social mediums. So, I agree. We do need to think differently and behave differently and lend more shoulders, ears and hands to one another. But I also think that social mediums will help us do that, more effectively and in a more widespread manner. In either event, count me in :) Shelly