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John, While what you say rings of truth, at the same time, I do believe the Word gives us enough providential judgements that we can with confidence understand that damaging natural disasters might very well be prolcamations of divine criticism. For instance, I know of a church right now whose pastor has been embezzling and lying for years. He is a man of conviction and powerful preaching, but he is and has lived subversively to the gospel. The church has never (in 16 years) owned its own building nor has it ever grown larger than its 20-30 families. Recently, the building in which they worshipped was closed to them and the subsequent place of worship is now in a dilapidated and obscure warehouse. I told my mother, who has been in the church since its inception, that I believed these events are harbingers of worse things to come if the elders do not address the pastor and work toward repentance and restoration. I think I have the 7 letters to back me up on that one.
I thought no Christian had ever won the peace prize. Maybe it was the Pulitzer. Thanks for the article's candor.
Toggle Commented Nov 1, 2009 on The Nobel Peace Prize Debate at John H Armstrong
Along these lines, I try to enable my students to realise that LORD is not YHWH's name and that it might suit to substitute LORD with his actual name: YaHWeH. I mean, imagine referring to one's wife only by her initials, "I love you, MEF."