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I can remember first being struck by the force of Ai's poetry in 1986 during an undergraduate workshop taught by William Heyen at The College at Brockport in Western New York, where I studied with Heyen & the late Anthony Piccione. Shortly thereafter, Ai's book "Sin" came out, rocked my world, and she has remained one of my favourite voices in Contemporary American Poetry to this day. Regrettably, I passed up a chance to study with her and Galway Kinnell when they both taught at NYU in the late Eighties. I've since retired from a culinary career and returned to Brockport to study fiction with Anne Panning and James Whorton, Jr., but poetry remains a vital part of both my life and my writing, and I did an oral presentation on Ai's work for another Brockport poetry workshop this past fall, taught by Ralph Black. I've included a link to some of the excerpted text that was written for that project. Ai will most certainly be greatly missed by this writer. Amen.