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Prior to the event that I am about to describe to you I had absolutely no interest in Japanese politics, or politic in general for that matter. I recently came down with a horrible case of the flu, and had a dangerously high fever. At the point of seeing intense visions of things being shuffled around in Japanese politics, I realized that the visions weren't just random hallucinations. Why was I seeing this..? I thought, it seems so random. And then I started to see power strangleholds being loosened from the Japanese people, and then I was given a deep feeling that whatever happens there will change the entire "tomorrow" of the world. Things were too real, like being transported there to watch the change happen.. I def. saw that things were changing behind the scenes in japan. A new leader, or the U.S.losing it's bullydome, or a new emergent secret society. Crazy to read this.