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I just want to say I love you your family, work, relationship, motherhood, business, moral, and community values. I would like to ask if you would like to donate wigs to my newly formed organization Hand of Hope and this is just a small but very important department in helping women feel fabulous after chemo and hair fall out. Mainly, women of color. I did research after searching for a wig that was not just super silky thin and straight but with a little yaki. curlys tightnessas well. I could not believe that the Cancer Society really did not have that much the type of wigs that make a women of color (not jsut AA or Hispanic) but Asian, Island Pacific, Indian and mixed biology.I hsd to buy my form the beauty supply and unfortunately at the time due to my situation I could not work and it was hard just putting 20 Plus dollars together to buy a wig. But I felt so much better with it on. I am not shocked by this, however women that can contribute their wigs no longer needed or even donate wigs would really build up a torn down sellf image of one's self. In 1987, I went into Thrifty Drugs in Glendale California, and I wanted product for my hair and found there were not any hair care products for women of color at that time, the manager stated that since it was not that many people of that persuation that lived or came into the store they didn't order any. I wrote in and now all chains no matter where they are carries at least 1-2 or more product. Same as with help with Cancer survivors, from make up to hair care we sistah's need help. Thank you so much for just being you. I am going to email and contact all the women of Hollywood and Broadway to begin my journey with Hand of Hope Hotline and Resource Development Services. Please if you can help and ask your friends to help, Please contact me at, May God continue to bless you. Stay Strong and Fabulous.
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