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What an absurd statement. Those goals weren't all Omar's fault. Meyer was shaky at best last night, missing his mark on a number of occasions and not challenging in the air. Omar showed last night that he has improved his first touch as well as his decision making immensely. There isn't a center back in the pool that has improved as much as omar.
As a galaxy fan, we would love to have califf back. In return we will give you the outstanding services of Adam Christman and Chad Barett
As a galaxy fan, and so cal resident, I would really like to see them produce more young talent.
Sarcasm or not what kind of rediculous reply Is that? Garbage like this is the reason I avoid the comment section as much as possible
He has a valid point. Why did we play while the other ccl participants get a day off? You put the team at a disadvantage not only for this game but more importantly for the league, the ccl match. He admits he mismanaged the game and he took the loss as good as I would have expected him to.
Just got back from the la real game. We looked unfocused and gave up way to many balls up. I don't know how it looked on tv but from the stands it seemed like the ref had a terrible game. 2 handballs, numerous fouls that weren't called on buth sides. Was that stott out there?
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2012 on MLS Week 1: Match Night Commentary at Soccer By Ives
What in the holy hell are you blabbering about?
hey man, facts our facts. We draft very very well.. out two rookie of the year award winners is proof of that. We pick up role players no one wanted and they produce under bruce. (it rhymes because i rap) On top of that we scout well. These aren't reactionary statements those are facts. If you can drop some knowledge on me that is more then just hey gonna call you names cuz you know hating on the galaxy is cool.. then by all means man we can have a civil convo about soccer in this country. Until then..
I apologize for my team drafting some very talented players over the past 5 years(aj,Franklin,Stephens,Omar) I would also like to apologize for having our players retire and free up cap space (berhalter kirovski) we had a few misses with some loans (cazumba) but our agreement with Sao Paulo is really bearing fruit. Our owner cares enough about the franchise to spend wisely on DPs. We freed some more space up with ricketts and over the years picked up players no one thought twice about getting rid of (magee and dunivant and buddle) with all that said.... You are blind to the fact that this team is one of the best run in the league and your bitterness is rediculous
Much respect goes out to Mr Bradley. As an outspoken critic of his, there are two thing that I could never question and that is his integrity and his charecter.
One other observation is that he is very vocal and you can tell that the other players respect what he has to say. He dictates the pace very very well and most of the players differ decissions to him. I can see him becoming a captain of this team if he sticks around long enough.
My dude JFT is looking sharp in the first half. Nice passing and decission making. Had a very nice backheel to spring a player early on. Doesn't look 90 minute fit yet but it's his first game back..My only criticism for him would be that i wish he would take some shots from outside the box.
Some people, mature later then others. Some reach their prime way too early and fizzle out. Buddle, to me is a late bloomer. Under Bruce he blossomed and became a consistant goal scorer. Plus, it goes to show when you put better then decent player around him he is more then just serviceable. He had that with the galaxy and he has that in germany. He also should have started a game or two in the WC 2010 considering he had what, 3-4 goals in the run up to the cup. Edson isn't a dude who is going to out run you, or take on 3 or 4 defenders on the wing. Edson is a poacher. An oppurtunist. He does have decent touch and very good hold up play with his back to the goal... Edson.. Come back where you belong my dude, The G's. Take a pay cut this season, win a couple of championships and when either keane or beckham leaves, we can restrocture your contract. think about it...
Would love to see AJ Delagarza as one of the call ups
Stephens is a solid player. Tenacious, good skill on the ball and pretty good vision. His only knock is his speed but a very good link up player in the middle.
def. sad to see him go. Ricketts is a top 3 goalkeeper and the best keeper in MLS the first 3/4 of the season. Now we have to find a way to keep juninho, re-sign franklin, dunnivant and saunders and find some more depth to keep the team moving forward
I am no bradley fan but MB has been getting 90 minutes on the regular and is one of the reasons chievo is on the way up the table. Like i said, i def am not a mb supporter but to say that chievo needs to get rid of him is silly.
in response to the beckham thing, i read that his son is actually in the U-13 academy for the galaxy and is actually doing very very well. as far as del piero is concerned, he still has some game left in him. I honestly would not mind paying him a 2 year deal on the lower end of the dp contract with incentives and bonuses if he performs well. He has vision, he has touch and he can out right score still.
Wow.. this is idioacy. Although our DPs were instrumental in our success, I would argue players like saunders,magee,and our entire backline were just as if not more important. I'm sorry your team doesn't have a coach who knows how to make the most of their draft picks. Or pick up international players for cheap. Or has a coaching staff who can evaluate talent. This "the leauge hands the Galaxy players on a silver platter" debate is old and trite.
If Ching really meant that much to the dynamo organization then protect him in the draft. Simple as that, and if you really want him to retire and play in the new ss trade for him. I'm with you on how important the fans think brian ching is to the dynamo. I am just not convinced that your FO is on the same page as you.
exactly. Houston tried to pull a fast one and it blew up in thier face. Now is your oppurtunity to test your ownership and ask them for some more cash to get some better attacking players with the money that ching used to take up. How about trying to pry away JFT from pachuca. I think I am more suprised as to why Montreal didnt take cardozo, barett or Stephens from the Galaxy..
Exactly what i was thinking.. I dont understand why houston fans are going all ap ish over this. Ching is old, injury proned and ineffective on top of being slow and having a terrible touch. Everything must come to an end and the ching era ended two seasons ago. Look at the bright side, you have cap room for a dp or for 2-3 very very good mls caliber players.
Holy crap, did no one catch this brilliant response? Bravo sir.. bravo
damn.. timewarner is a terrible terrible company. I hope these aren't exclusive rights..
well said.. I wasn't claiming JFT is our savior, but what i am trying to convey is that what i saw missing was a pivot. Someone who can change the point of attack and link with all parts of the field and I really feel that JFT (and Holden as well) offer a specific set of skills that do that for this team. I see a team that plays with to many defensive minded midfielders. Outside backs who either make unproductive runs, or when they do make smart runs are not being provided with proper service from our midfielders. Central defenders who insist on booting it up the field. I can see the improvements in the team.. There are signs of promise. Maybe not the whole game but in the last 15 min you saw it come together. I like dempsey as a withdrawn forward with freedom to create, but without that creative mid running in behind it seems like he has become a little hesitant in pulling the trigger. To sum up my point.. this team needs a pivot. Someone who can keep the ball and dictate the tempo. I think JFT is that guy.