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Even if you find just the right candidate for this guy, won't he just move the goal posts? He'll say that the person was not a true Christian because they were of the wrong denomination or never had a sufficiently dazzling born again experience, etc. I'm not quite 60 years of age, so I'm a bit under age for this, but until this year, I was a devout liberal progressive Episcopalian. No, I don't really know what took me so long to give it up. I'm certainly happier and more at peace with myself as an atheist. The social isolation is a problem. (I'm still doing some volunteer activities at a progressive church.) Other than the two people I've come out to, no one else has even noticed the difference. Since progressives don't do much god talk anyway, I've begun to wonder how many others are there for reasons other than believing the god stuff, too. Quite a few, I think. And many of those who might say they believe have never really thought about it. Lots of believers have a faith that's a yard wide but shallow enough to walk through without getting your feet wet.
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