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A little late to the party, I 'spose. As a REALTOR and recent home owner- I love this town! I live North Durham, and work in South Durham. This town has the small town charm with the amenities of the big city. I used to hear the trash talk all the time. With DPAC, the new downtown, Main Street, Southpoint- not to mention all of the other places, we've actually got the upper hand. Real estate here hasn't taken as big (property values) as in other places close by. I mean, this place isn't exactly Pleasantville, but being able to traverse the city on bike via the American Tobacco Trail is definite plus. If the media would report crimes in neighboring towns with as much gusto, then you would think we were living in the wild west. Not to mention a certain town where crime and poverty are hidden under the veneer of pretty homes and sidewalks... Nogui Aramburo cell: 919.771.3609