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the honor is all mine! Realbird is head and shoulders ahead of all other online service providers for the real estate industry and I wouldn't have the reach I do today to buyers and sellers without Realbird. I am very much looking forward to this webinar and thank you for inviting me.
I have very complex systems and processes for almost everything in my life. When I try to simplify them, I feel stressed. When I re-implement the complex systems, order follows and the stress leaves. For some, the opposite if true, but I have given up trying to KISS.
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2010 on Complexity at SOPHISTICATED FINANCE
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I really like Posterous for the creative personal outlet. I have had a Professional blog for several years, but I didn't like to put too much personal, off topic, etc. content on it and I really didn't have the time to create an "everything else" blog to do so. Posterous has taken away the excuse. Set up is dead simple as is posting and sharing. I love the book marklet when I run across a photo or video I find interesting. It is a great outlet for the real "us" that might be a little more off topic than our "professional" blogs.
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great post, when you give, it will always come back in multiples. Sometimes that takes time, some times it isn't obvious, but that is just how life is. It takes a very enlightened person to embrace that idea fully as you have and I know for sure you are the better man for it!
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these are great upgrades, but the Quick Share is AMAZING! I have used it to share share several of my listings on Craigslist, etc. QUICKLy and already have new leads I am working with (I did this last week)