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Sorry for the typo's in my previous post. I always seem to get distracted at the sight of innocent creatures being treated like crap by "humans".
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I hate to say it but, thanks these wonderful fellers... Excerpted from the Burlington seventy-five cent press. MONTPELIER ā€” Vermont's two U.S. senators are hailing an agreement that is expected to bring $350 million in new federal aid to dairy farmers. Senators Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders say the money will help to address dire circumstances for Vermont's dairy farmers, who face milk prices at historic lows. The Senate approved the money last month, but until Wednesday, there wasn't agreement on how it should be distributed. Sanders says the money will result in significant aid to Vermont's farmers. Yessiree! you finish the article an way you wish. Vermont's dairy farmers, recipients of a $350m windfall, will now be able to raise more dairy cattle, to produce more milk that no humans actually need, add significantly to waterway pollution throughout the State and as a result, produce even more unwanted, useless byproducts (such as male calves), to keep the remaining slaughterhouses in business. You go Bernie & Patrick! Nice job.
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