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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
I'm sick, you're tired...let's dance.
Interests: Traveling, old movies, horseback riding, METRIC!, live music in general (concerts + floor seats = happiness!) but Independent Canadian music in particular, CFL football...and the Metric community apparently!
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Well done Thomas! Ugh, Metric for Glenn Beck...that just sits wrong and everybody knows it. As always, happy to see Emily and the rest of the band putting the integrity of their music first. I was glad they shared the whole thing with us too - and took the time to follow through on correspondence with a (rightfully!) concerned fan. Of course, the track is "Too Little Too Late" Eric mentioned, seems a bit off that Beck's legal team didn't even have that right. Just glad to see ANY trace of Metric gone from that terrible, bigoted man's program!
Toggle Commented Apr 14, 2011 on Wow.... at Metric
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Hahaha hilarious. Love it.
Yup :) Page three! It's so cool to look and see how many other people really care about Metric. I mean, with the standard Front Row crew and all of the amazing people from the Forum I'm aware there are other passionate Metric fans out there, but it's awesome to see that even people who don't follow them with the same (overzealous) fervor that we do still love them. SO MUCH LOVE FOR METRIC. It makes me happy...and proud, somehow, haha. It's great!
I've been waiting since the remix contest finished. We know they read them, if Emily's tweets were any indication; it'd be cool to see what everyone had to share!
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2011 on Fantasies Flashbacks? at Metric
Ugh...posting email on a public forum, never good haha. Also, I'm kinda iffy here because as much as we've all heckled Gerard at times for his occasional Metric bipolarity (Gerard, you know very well I'd be included in that group haha!) he's still a solid guy and you've been exorbitantly rude to him in the past. I've been fortunate enough to really get to know a good handful of people off of here and it's just kinda unpleasant to see you put some of them down as harshly as you have. Though we're in different cities and countries, there's a sense of community here that's taken on life outside of Front Row and offline too. So disagreeing is totally fine, obviously - it is a forum for discussion - but it can be done with respect...and maybe replace the hate with some well-intentioned wit? It wouldn't hurt :) I'm not trying to stir the pot, honest, I just felt bad looking over some old posts and seeing people I've come to know being called names...and I wanted to explain my hesitance with the email address.
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I just looked at flights to Calgary in full seriousness...and I can't afford the trip out on such short notice :( Hockey and Metric, what could be better? All of you Calgarians had better get on this and appreciate it!!!
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This remix is AMAZING. Wow, total props to this guy! It's actually a new whole, not just a spin on parts of the old one. The only way you can do Metric justice is to do something totally different with it I'd think - again, he absolutely nailed it.
Toggle Commented Feb 6, 2011 on "Help I'm Alive" Remix Winner Announced! at Metric
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I love that it'll get the chance to reach a wider audience! This is one of my favourite visual interpretations of any song I've ever seen.
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As if I didn't see this for three days!!! ALISSA I MIIIIIIIIISSED YOU and your box-breaking ways, I SINCERELY hope you read this still! (I just couldn't do Lastfm...too much time on the computer already I'm sorry!) It is sad that so much of this is dying/has died down :( It's like Emily and the boys have grown out of needing a devoted fan base and that breaks my heart, though maybe there's just more of us now and we're just widespread to the point that our Metric-loving isn't so concentrated. I don't know. But I can't love them any less for it. Actually, writing my 'Metric Memory' at the end of December I realized how awesome you Metric people are. Did anyone else submit any memories? I see the posting of those a good way for them to reconnect with their fans providing they have time to put it through while so engaged with recording...but anyways I realized how cool it was that I've actually since gotten to go for coffee with Joey, or pass on a BSS ticket to Megan in Toronto, or the various other connections made through the Forum too. It's wicked, it really is :) And that's going to keep living on, which is equally as cool. Alissa, the fact that you're even back here has restored even more of my faith! ...and I'm loving that "Expecting To Fly". I've been playing it on the piano from chords that are so much easier to pick up from that version :)
Woah, through Chrysalis? That's the record company that screwed them over back in the day...I didn't know they ever had a hold of any of Emily's stuff. That's a wicked cool find. You should scan the artwork and post it up here, I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd love to see it!
Bam! Obviously that's a win for Emily, just check this ...or ...or ...or ...or (also: JIMMY)...or just watch this Enough said.
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I really wanted them to make the nominations, just to see the band at the ceremony in their red carpet best! The thought of them walking up on stage for an acceptance speech... :D
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I know Metric is an international band, but come on - what's more Canadian than this?
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"If they are moving in the direction of commercialization, it's not them that's changing." Natasha, that's wicked.
In that case, approved haha!
Disagreed! They're still putting doing what they want before doing what pays most - as of late, conveniently, the two have tended to coincide. At least that's the impression I'm getting from countless interviews. They're just not the same scrappy twenty-somethings playing "Succexy" to smokey, sweaty bars nourished by coffee and protein bars - because remember, "a protein bar is NOT a meal!" They've progressed and matured and changed, like people do, and I think their sound reflects that. As much as I'd have loved to have seen them in their dingy bar show days, I'm just happy they're succeeding and seem to be happier for it! They'll never be stagnant and I think the key is just embracing it. That, and being reassured that the the talent of these four people isn't the thing that's changing.
That still comes off as mean, reading it back. You know I send you my love on a wire Gerard! Your pessimism is endearing :) Plus I mean remember, Amy told me she loves you so much and a deity can't be wrong!
I chuckled at this. Also, how long has it even been since Gerard has said anything on here? You know I don't mean that in a mean way obviously Gerard, I just thought it was funny that your name came up...or maybe I've just been that distracted from Frontrow!
I'm really happy you found it! That's exactly how I felt about it, and felt the need to share that with everyone I thought should hear it haha. Also, as I've probably asked before, why are you not a part of this Metric community at a wider scope than just Frontrow?! You should be!
Hustle Rose. If I've said it once I've said it a million times: the Holy Grail of live Metric performances. I'm with you both in hoping to see it someday!
On behalf of Canada, thanks! We do love you back here.
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God, I love this band. This "flashback" collection is just another reminder as to why. Continue reading
Posted Dec 27, 2010 at Metric
Sweet! And many more Metric Facebook connections will be in too I'm sure. Okay, then - what do we want to send around as our collaborative art project?
Alright FrontRowers, We've been TOTALLY dead lately, and I think we need some sort of Team Metric bonding project, as well as a way to express our evergrowing love for this excellent and musically talented group of people. So, I'm... Continue reading
Posted Nov 17, 2010 at Metric
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Nov 15, 2010