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Thank you for starting this exciting discussion about the relative importance of employees and customers. In the end, I believe it is a dynamic tension between stakeholders. The commonly unfortunate part is that employees are very likely to be ignored, hidden in the shadow of customers and owners. Owners ignore the need to manage customer experience buy putting the best possible input of employee participation. Customer satisfaction is the "Why" but proper employee treatment is the "How" in my view. So, I stand with you; the how must be managed to achieve the why.
Thanks for a wonderful post. Your advice to small business owners is excellent. If your customers are on twitter, you certainly need to be there. If people are talking about products and services like you deliver, even in different markets, you also need to be there. If you want to survive as traditional media become less and less effective, you need to be on twitter. Shallie Bey Smarter Small Business Blog
Toggle Commented Oct 19, 2009 on 5 Uses of Twitter for Small Business at CurrentMom