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Super super cool. Congrats Tom.
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2012 on What Tom Did Next at Tom Hume
I love this post. And it probably won't help, but I say publish the lot. We don't know what we don't know.
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2012 on 1: You've Got No Write at beat: James Burt's weblog
Utterly brilliant. Thank you.
I agree with you actually, if 70k is indeed the correct number of Wikipedia contributors as it seems to be, given that MyStarbucksIdea reputedly had 70k submissions (but is that different ideas or votes? I have no idea) in its first 12 months, so yes, these achievements can still be tiny given the scale of the world we live in. I also love the idea of Number 10 petitions as some kind of low-fi massive collaboration example. PS. I am equally bad at properly reading articles beyond what I want to find. I only knew of this other excerpt because for my purposes I had already been using my paragraph in training and writing, so I am guilty of the same myopia - just that my extract cut the data the other way!
Toggle Commented Oct 19, 2009 on The Future of Collaboration, Brighton at Tom Hume
Loved this write up, thanks - I had a ticket but couldn't muster the energy that night. One small act of hopefully useful pedantry. The Wikipedia study you cite actually goes on to - in my interpretation - reinforce Wikiedpia-as-poster-child for collaboration at scale. The author writes: "When you put it all together, the story become clear: an outsider makes one edit to add a chunk of information, then insiders make several edits tweaking and reformatting it. In addition, insiders rack up thousands of edits doing things like changing the name of a category across the entire site — the kind of thing only insiders deeply care about. As a result, insiders account for the vast majority of the edits. But it’s the outsiders who provide nearly all of the content." In terms of contributing original and diverse content in its early forms, that content comes from a much broader 'outsider' base than the interior hardcore.
Toggle Commented Oct 19, 2009 on The Future of Collaboration, Brighton at Tom Hume