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Sally S
underground cohasset
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So pleased you enjoyed this piece, Trixie. Congrats on such a successful event! I am already planning my outfit for next year's soiree and will stay on top of any new trends in the cat/dog hair fashion circles. Please know that TMG will be on hand as a fair, balanced and trusted news source for all of your local events. Best, SS
Okay, I want to see this guy live. I want to be a W.W. groupie. I want to quit my job. Thanks, Doug.
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2012 on Wayne White: Beauty is Embarrassing at eymerBLOG
Excellent. Glad to hear at least one Wapatusset family is heeding the Sabbath Manifesto. Just remember to keep the Dyson unplugged...
Dear A, Im thinking RGB but must defer to our art director on this one. Thanks for your interest in this important matter, SS
Aesthetics are fine, but what about safety?? How can I be sure that invisible blades will not sever heads of seagulls -- or worse, the heads of Alzheimer's patients who wander into 25 mile radius? And what about the noise factor? I enjoy waking up to the gentle purr of my neighbor's 45-hp leaf blower on a Saturday morning; will this "white noise" drown that out? That is simply un-American and I will not stand for it. Mr. Eymer, if you even think of bringing this up at town meeting, I suggest you wear an invisibility cloak yourself!