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Ray, I will have to somewhat disagree with you here. Yes what you say is "true" but it is not the whole truth. This largely depends on your sample ;-) I've been conducting an on-going experiment on FB, and using it as a mixed personal/biz/networking platform & it works very well - IF - you have the stamina to maintain that. It is a lot of work managing a large network (I'm over 1500 now). I communicate directly with 100-200 people a week. About 1/2 of these are "regulars" - mostly IRL people, but the other half rotate, someone comments on my post or a picture or I do the reverse, we converse get to know a bit about each other and then perhaps move on. Some of these people become regulars (business or personal)& that is the hard part, the better you are the harder it gets. This is analogous to regular community management. I have my own community on FB & I seriously engage. I find it interesting to see what sorts of people do & do not accept friendship offers from someone who is essentially a stranger at first. I have very few restricted access contacts. I meet a lot of very cool people globally. Like Brian Singh (whom you know), I'm interested in the notion of online trust & how it works. I just explore this more directly as a somewhat loosely defined ethnographical project without parameters. The kind of project we'd never want to do for a client! Lots of exploratory work, no firm objectives. So, the way I view the divide between the 3 networks (which I also agree are key) is not so clean cut as yours, but I do use the 3 networks differently. Linkedin -for me is more for reputation building among peers mostly, not so much for clients. Everyone is trolling here, it's like setting up shop in a market research trade show, the place is full of competitors & no one is buying. No thanks. Rather you do the talks at a conference and speak to your peers. This is Linkedin, an on-going conference setting that never ends. Twitter - news feed certainly & also a substitute for email or text messages in direct rapid communications. Biz trolls abound here too (to spamlike levels) but you have filters & can block the worst offenders. Facebook - Personal & business networks - here is where I do business development with hopes of meeting potential clients, suppliers or partners. Here I also socialize. I don't get any time off so I may as well work and play at the same time. A change is as good as a rest they say & since I get little rest this seems to work for me. More practically it's the less obvious place to do business prospecting & business development in general. It seems in the US it's pretty popular to do this for business but less so internationally. Our own research in our tracking Omnibus tells us that what I'm doing is uncommon in Canada at least. Which of course is why I do it, I like to avoid the herding instinct when I can :-) Cheers