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artistic soul with the mind and attitude of a child...
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just curious...when voting during the last couple of fabric contests, it appears that one could vote endless multiple times from the same this the case??? if so, does this not make the winner simply a winner by number of clicks rather than by true diverse objective opinion???
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after rereading what i wrote, i feel like should be send to my room without dinner. wow, the above didn't read with the dry humor i was feeling. my poor choice of words was not meant to be a put down but rather an attempt to add a thought for a contest with critique potential. too bad there is not a delete button...please off to my room... p.s. i love spoonflower!!!
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i have to say i was very pleased to see the celestial picked as a theme... this is right up my spiritual alley... when i read that the children's clothing was going to be a theme my face fell (but only for a moment) i also understand that this is a way to limit and to stretch ones creative abilities... i can't say that i will be able to participate in the clothing theme but who up for some intensive clothing design education...(i didnt think i could draw with my non dominate hand either and then i gave it a whirl)...its all in the attitude and the will to try... i see this as "more than a contest"...actually a way to connect with others and within oneself...i appreciate being able to see my designs in fabric, to connect with other artists, and to stretch my mind...thank you spoonflower!!!
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