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Wow- photo says it all. Ominous. Living with wildfires is becoming a "new normal" I could do without. Now we have the Conchas fire spreading quickly near Los Alamos in Northern New Mexico as well. Fire suppression for so many years in our forests combined with changed weather patterns is now teaching us we need to do things differently. The forests need to burn and renew~ would rather see controlled programs rather than wildfires!
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Thanks for getting me reflecting on my personal experience, Janet! My first experience with critique in an photography/art class was terrible as well. So much I switched from Art to be an Anthropology major! Not sure I could have ever fit the commercial artist mold at the time. However, I now work pretty much exclusively on a development team for instructional media. There is certainly an art to critique, but without it, our final product would suffer. What I do when I ask for "feedback" is to be clear, that I am looking for personal reaction-usually as a learner, not global final authority on the product. Unless you are the team's graphic artist, I don't want your opinion on the color of the font! I do want your comments like "I am colorblind and the orange is hard to see." I almost coach the people who trial our products. In my field we have classifications of assessment of works- is this formative feedback, summative feedback? blah, blah, blah. So this concept of 'what is the purpose of the feedback?' is very detailed and is valued by quality-conscious professionals in my field. Coming back to the critique I have received on my writing in Story Circle and why I value it is...I get authentic, personal reaction to my writing. Perhaps those who don't "get it" don't speak up. However I get a sense of my audience and how my message touches the hearts of some and not others. When I am serious about the craft of writing and to want to learn to expand what I do, I seek a mentor relationship who can give me the advice I need to explore beyond my frontier and advance my skills. Those folks are generally skilled in providing 'constructive criticism', as we used to call it. I think teaching children "cooperative learning" skills that promote collaboration and expression of personal/professional feedback in a productive way is lacking in our children's education. Oh, and if I am giving critique, I always couch it in my personal perspective that "what would make it clearer for me or I would like to hear more about x" That all I am giving is a personal reaction...that is subjective and individual. It goes back to that voice of authority, doesn't it? I like the taxonomy of authoritative voices in peer critique your suggest...The Omnipotent Being, etc. That really wasn't peer critique you mention first but the "teacher"! "All laud the mighty professor" The reason I am so into Digital Storytelling for teachers is that teachers so often skirt the personal point of view...their authority is 3rd person- the omnipotent "Research says...." Good stuff to make me think.
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