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I'm Spartacus and so is my wife. Sorry felt a Life of Brian moment come over me there.
Labour will extend it to cover everyone should they win the election, the thought of control and another lovely database is just to good to miss. After all we were promised a vote on Europe, which never happened, so they can not be trusted.
So they are to be armed with tasers, for no reason other than the state has got lots of them to hand out. They managed to do their job perfectly well without them until now and I see no reason for innocent citizens to be endangered by this move.
Getting slightly off topic, she is just another grasping corrupt MP. One that was found guilt of misuse of your money: arliamentary Standards Commissioner John Lyon has found Labour MP and Justice Minister Bridget Prentice guilty of misusing Parliamentary funds, when she delivered parliamentary newsletters to areas of Lewisham that aren't currently in her constituency but will be after the next election. She also voted for ID cards, both slightly more important than pink toys.
Toggle Commented Dec 7, 2009 on Childhood's End at Big Brother Watch
Alistair, I agree but sadly this government seems to give away our data with every box of Kellog's Frosties. Hardly a week go's by without some department leaking our data.
How long before this data is hacked, lost or left on a USB data stick on a train?
Paul, the image is from I know you MP's steal anything not nailed down but at least give a chap credit for his work in mocking Bob Ainsworth(less).
Toggle Commented Oct 19, 2009 on Inflaming hatred at Paul Flynn - Read My Day