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Hello, I am somewhat baffled by one aspect of the Oracle/VMware conundrum: Everyone focuses heavily on the technical aspect (which is obviously important) but there is a far more problematic aspect (unless I missed something important): money. Oracle licensing requires you to license every core physically present on your hypervisor (whatever technology you use except of course Oracle VM). For me this represents a far more efficient deterrent than the support issue. Am I wrong ? Reply: Yes, you are wrong. Oracle licenses the software on a physical core basis, not a virtual CPU basis. So 8 VMs with 1 Oracle instance each (8 total) running on a physical server cost exactly the same amount for Oracle licensing as running 1 database instance on a physically booted configuration. Assuming your utilization of the physical box is significantly less than 100% (which is true the vast majority of the time), virtualization can save you money, as you can improve utilization and thus lower cost per transaction. This is one of the core value propositions of VMware virtualization in general. It is simply amplified in the Oracle space, because Oracle is a tier-1, relatively expensive piece of software.