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Krueg, I realise you tend to exaggerate in these threads, and you may or may not have had a drink or two. But.. The strikezone was definitely NOT the Yanks problem. Burnett had a grand total of 1 ball called on him before the score was 3-1. If anything the calls were going the other way. Check out for the game and you see Burnett had quite a few out of the zone called, and Lee had a few in the zone (bottom half) called balls. And Robertson got two gifts to K Rollins to end the third with two on after Lees hit. I do agree that Yanks fight was impressive though. They could have easily laid down and given this one away to take it back to NY. That fighting spirit is very ominous for the Phils. At least we get to see Pedro one more time against the old foe.
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